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Date News
20-11-17 Mass rally from MTNL Corporate Office to DPE office on 27th Nov 2017 at 1PM against affordability condition to implement 3rd PRC--

Under the banner of NCOA, a mass rally is being organized on 27th November at 1 PM to DPE office against affordability condition in 3rd PRC OM issued by DPE. Because of this condition, a large number of CPSUs including MTNL/ BSNL are being denied pay revision according to 3rd PRC recommendation. Employees are not responsible for losses of PSUs but govt policies are responsible than why employees should suffer. We have to fight strongly to ensure our legitimate of pay revision after 10 years. Pay revision is done in Central Govt, State Govt, Banking Sector, autonomous bodies with out affordability condition than why not in Public sector which is playing vital role in socio-economic development of the country.

All officers are requested to participate in this rally/ demonstration in 100% strength. All office bearers will have to ensure full strength on 27tn November at MTNL Corporate office

17-11-17 Meeting with Director (HR)--GS, Shri V K Tomar along with AGS, Shri D p S Chaudhary, CS, Shri Sunil Kumar & ACT Shri Satyavir Singh met Director (HR) on 15-11-17. GM(HR) Mrs Meena Chauhan was also present in the meeting. following issues were discussed.
  1. Implementation of 3rd PRC---Association informed Director (HR) that BSNL board has recommended implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and asked him to take the case of 3rd PRC implementation to MTNL board for its approval on the line of BSNL. He said that MTNL has written to DOT that 3rd PRC be implemented in MTNL as in BSNL.  Further action will be taken after DOT decision.
  2. Regarding issues raised by Forum-- Dir (HR) informed that a committee along with DOT officers will look into the issues raised by forum and recommend the solution. Mean while the information sought by Mumbai high court is being provided to the court.  
  3. Time bound functional promotion as per terms and conditions of absorption--Association retreated its old stand of time bound functional promotion upto SG JAG as assured in terms and condition of absorption and gave reference of BSNL management committee proposal to give time bound functional promotion upto certain level. Dir (HR) marked our letter to GM(HR) and asked to go through the issue
  4. SDE/DM to DE/ SM regular promotion against  the current vacancies available at the time of DPC instead of vacancies available upto march 2017---Dir (HR) assured to review the case
  5. 75:25 quota in SM DPC as in BSNL: It requires further persuasion with CMD.
  6. DPCs in other executive cadres from AM to DM and DM to SM---GM(HR) & Dir (HR) assured that as per DPC schedule, all DPC will be conducted one by one. association has requested to expedite the process
  7. Counting of training period for the purpose of drawing increment--- Dir(HR) informed that this case was discussed in one board meeting and board is not in favour. Management appears negative in this case. Association will now consider other means to fight this case.
  8. Mumbai to Delhi request transfers in the cadre of AM/DM---after a brief discussion on this issue, Dir (HR) asked GM(HR) to process the case
  9. Seniority of JTO (E)/ JTO (C)--Seniority of direct recruited officers in these cadre could not be decided because of non availability of training marks. Association was pursuing for a quite long time. Now management has decided that their seniority will be decided according to their selection marks. For further recruitment, it will be applicable for all disciplines, but old cases will not be affected.
  10. Full salary during training period to the trainee officers (AMs)--Association was raising this from the very beginning on the demand of trainee officers. Now management has agreed  that instead of stipend, full salary will be given. This decision will be implemented prospectively. Association is taking up the for giving this benefit to the whole recruitment year selection instead of batches.
  11. Issues related to MTNL revival/survival were discussed in details. Many things related govt policies on this matter were also discussed. Association has assured full support and cooperation in the endeavors of MTNL/DOT to revive MTNL. 
15-11-17 GS writes to CMD/Dir(HR) for the implementation of Time Bound Functional Promotion in CPSU hierarchy as per terms & conditions of absorption. <<letter>>
15-11-17 PROTEST RALLY on 27th November by NCOA for pay revision in all CPSUs irrespective of affordability

NCOA serves  notice of protest rally on 27th from Scope building (near MTNL Corporate office) to Secretary, DPE office. block 14 CGO complex against affordability clause of 3rd PRC OM. All are requested to participate in the rally at 1PM from scope building for their legitimate right of pay revision. Public sector Units are sick because of govt policies not because of employees than why employees should be denied their legitimate right of pay revision after 10 years.

fight with full strength for our right.

<<NCOA Notice>>>

13.11.17 Status of case filed by MTNL CO against various Unions and Associations....... The case appeared before the JT. Registrar (Judicial )High Court, Delhi on 13-11-2017 at about 1200hrs. It was listed at S.no 14 the advocate of Joint Forum of retirees and Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL, Delhi request for more time to file the reply as the notice was delivered a few days before. The Joint Registrar (Judicial ) after hearing fixed 1-12-2017 for filing the reply.

BSNL :-   CPSU Cadre Hierarchy or Time Bound Functional promotion policy upto AGM equivalent grade approved by the Management Committee  of BSNL Board on 02.11.2017.

The approved policy document attached for viewing. ..... <document>

officers are requested to review the above  BSNL's policy and provide suggestion  if any modifications should be there , so that association can use these input for due implementation in MTNL.

Yesterday our case has come up for hearing in Hon.High Court, Bombay at around 15:56Hrs. The Hon.Judge Dhanuka herd all the representative council in a length and detail (About 45 minutes). 
As usual MTNL council Sh.Sandeep Marne started with details and reiterated that, Proposal is under active consideration at DoT.
 Then DoT council argued that DoT is not concerned and  as per March 2017 orders  of CPSE, MTNL is declared incipient seek unit.And DoT is not concerned for help.
Immedietly our Council Advo.Vanshbahadur Yadav, took objection and attacked him with argument to not to give misleading information to the Hon.court.And told Hon.Judge that being  majority stake holders DoT(Govt) can't escape with the liability i.e.Rs.1166/- Croresarising out of IDA neutralization.
Then again DoT council started arguing that after becoming PSU it's PSE that is controlling the CPSU and PSE in consultation with DoT has to decide the revival and servival plan of seek PSU. 
Then Hon.Justice Dhanuka said what's the plan can you give details, upon this DoT council said he needs to take details plan from DoT and PSE. 
On this our council has requested Hon.Judge to ask MTNL & DoT council about pending liability of RS.1166 Crores arising against 78.2% IDA neutralization.
Then Hon.Court has asked,  both Advocate about the same, on this they pointed towards each other but Hon.Justice Dhanuka said neither MTNL nor DoT nor PSE can escape of liability created and under active consideration. 
Then Hon.Justice said to arrive at some solution, he instructed MTNL & DoT council to provide with the plans to meet liability of (Rs.1166 Crores) within 4- weeks times.Again DoT council started arguing that it's not possible to provide with the plans in 4- weeks , and he wants 6- weeks for the same, but Hon.Court turned down his request and gave 5- weeks time to all i.e. MTNL/DoT/PSE to provide detail about revival/servival/liability creation plans to court and further proceedings will be be herd on 19/12/2017 with high on board (priority).
And thereby deferred the strike till 19/12/2017.

please see attached court order ..... <order>

03-11-17 MTNL MUMBAI UNIT revises the usage policy and data tariff of the GSM service mobile connections. Please see the details in attached letter.... <letter>
03-11-17 Today's hearing in Mumbai high court regarding our agitation for various issues including 78% fitment postponed/ rescheduled to 7th Nov 2017.
03-11-17 Contributory Group Health Insurence Policy for MTNL retirees.

<<<office order>>>

2-11-17 GS writes to Director {HR} regarding considering vacancies upto September 2017 (not  upto march 2017) for regular DPC from SDE to DE cadre. 

Letter attached for reference please...........................<lettter>


25-10-17 Minutes of Meeting held in DOT on 23/10/2017 regarding revival of MTNL with Additional secretary DOT and MTNL management. Which includes.. reduction of retirement age from 60 years to 58 years, VRS, 78.2% IDA fitment, 2G license, etc. <<<minutes>>>
16-10-17 Mumbai High court  proceedings letter --

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. ...Applicant/Plaintiff


MTNL Unions And Associations


please click the link for letter.....  <letter>

12-10-17 DOT replied the representation of NCOA to Hon'ble Prime Minister regarding Sale of Public sectors/ Revival

<<< DOT reply>>


Regional convention of west zone of All india Public Sector & Central Govt Officers Confedration(AIPCOC) was held in Mumbai on 7th October, 2017. Main objective of convention was SAVE PUBLIC SECTOR---SAVE INDIA. Meeting was attended and address by the representatives of different Public Sectors and Central Govt Officers Confedration including Oil Sector, Defence sector, Telecom Sector etc.


11-10-17 DOT has constituted an internal committee to examine the revival plan of  MTNL. CMD MTNL is one of It's member.  The letter is attached for reference please .....  <<letter>>


Media News :-  MTNL, BSNL revival on cards? This is what Narendra Modi government is planning


 For details please click the news link.... <<<news>>> 

11-10-17 Yesterday our case came up for hearing in hon'ble Bombay High court, GS Com. V.K Tomar ji, along with CHQ-President Com. P.N.Vasane, CHQ-Treasurer, Com. V K Gangwar, AGS Com. S.S. Shete, CS Mumbai, Com. G.P. Yadav, VP Com. P K Nambi, Jt.CS Com V S Singh, Circle Treasurer Com.D J Shelar, CWC member Com S R Tripathi, were present in the Hon'ble High Court.
Also Representative from MTNL Kamgar Sangh Sh. Dilip Jadhav, Sh. Shirwadkar, Sh. Bala Satam, Sh. Asarondkar, Sh. Malgaonkar, and representative from MTNLOA's Sh. Raghavan, Sh. Vilas Sawant, Sh. Suhas Kambali were also present in the High Court.

During hearing, MTNL Advocate gave details about the case and reiterated that the Demands of Associations and Unions are under consideration, and sent to DoT for the approval. The DoT Advocate said, that the DoT can't give support to MTNL as affordability clause is there, but Advocate of MTNL said the proposal is under consideration in DoT, then Hon.Judge asked to DoT Advocate whether you are not aware of it...?? He then said he will take instruction from DoT and came back in the court. Then our Advocate Sh.Vanshbahadur Yadav argued that, since Govt is owner of company and Govt is the stake holder of 56% share, can not be let go away from its responsibility towards employees , who have paid many a crores to govt in past as a dividend. As our Advocate has convinced to Hon'ble High court, the Hon'ble Judge has asked DOT to come on 3rd Nov with concrete proposal. Our Advocate argued and convinced Hon'ble high court to give direction to DOT to come with concrete proposal to pay Rs.1166/ crores​. Hon'ble Judge also gave directive that Till next date i.e. 3rd Nov, Associations/Unions will not go on agitation.

Since the Court has vacation from 14/10/2017 to 31/10/2017 the Hon'ble court has given the date of 3rd November,2017.

Forum of Associations & Unions ! Zindabad !
06-10-17 back ground of Mumbai High court decision regarding strike--MTNL filed a case against all Unions and Associations in high court to refrain all unions and Associations to hold demonstration and Dharna with in 100 meter radius of MTNL buildings in Delhi & Mumbai in the light of strike notice of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations/ Kamgar Sangh. In Mumbai High Court, Management made United forum, Kamgar Sangh/ OA & MEA as party. In first date, Advocate of MEA only appeared in the court and argued with the Hon'ble judge that this agitation is for legitimate rights of the employees and if Management agrees on the issues raised by employees, strike would not be there. He also raised that instead of settling the issues, management is asking declaration from employees whether, they would go on strike or not. Than Judge asked management advocate, you also give declaration when their issues are going to be settled by management, so that I can ask them not to go on strike, and ordered management advocate to come with declaration on next date that is 28th Sep. On 28th September, MEA advocate argued, Advocate from Kamgar sangh was also there. MTNL was represented by junior advocate, who had come with out any declaration from management. Judge fired him and asked to come back with declaration from management on the issues raised by defendant/s. MTNL advocate went and came back with Senior advocate who said that the demand of employees has Rs 1100 crore financial implication which has been sent to govt for deciding the modalities. Judge asked our advocate that I am making govt of India party in this case , so you call of strike. But our advocates continued to argue for settlement of issues, than Judge said that either you defer the strike till next date or I will pass order not to go on strike. Than our advocate and Kamgar advocate gave their consent to defer the strike till next date.

Next date of hearing is 9th Oct 2017. GS, MEA will be there during the hearing of case on 9th Oct 2017.

06-10-17 Meeting with CMD--GS, Com V K Tomar along with AGS , Com D P S Chaudhary & CS hri Sunil Kumar met CMD on 5th Oct,17 and detailed discussion on following issues..
  1. Revival plan discussion in DOT-- He informed that a meeting was held in DOT on revival plan on 4th Oct in which following issues were discussed.

            1-- Increasing license period of mobile services from 2019 to 2021--   

                    Principally DOT is agreed

             2--Liberalization of 900 Mhz spectrum---Principally DoT is agreed

             3--  Assets monetization--There also DOT is positive

             4---Reducing retirement age from 60 to 58--Addl Secretary was in favor

              of reducing retirement age, but CMD argued that it can not be in isolation. This issue is to be deliberated further

2----DPC in Senior Manager cadre with75:25 quota--After detailed discussion, he wanted some more information on this issue. GS will provide those information.

3--Trg increment--GS  explained him that why amendment in RRs are not required for granting training increment. He appeared convinced and assured to discuss with HR wing and decide.

4--Promotions in different streams in different cadres were discussed. He assured to get the process expedited including promotions of 2009 AM(T) and 2008 AM(Fin) through SCF.

5--Mumbai to Delhi transfers of AMs/DMs-- he assured that as per policy decided earlier, transfers will be done after completion of  traing of new batch

06-10-17 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with CS Delhi met GM(HR) on 05-10-17 and discussed following issues
  1. DPC for regular promotion from SDE/ DM to DE/ SM--She informed that vacancy position upto Sep 2017 has been received in CO from Delhi and Mumbai & process will be started shortly for conducting regaular DPC
  2. AM to DM(T)--After promotion from SDE to DE, process for AM(T) to DM(T) will be started after taking vacant posts of SDEs into consideration.
  3. AM(F) to DM(F)-- Seniority list is not prepared so efforts will be made to clear whole left out batch in single go
  4. Mumbai to Delhi request transfers of AM/DMs--She said that orders will be issued after permanent joining of new batch.
  5. Seniority of JTO (E), 2009 batch--Association stressed that in the absence of seniority of this batch, promotion orders are not being issued even though vacancies are lying vacant, so Association requested to decide seniority either through a test or short training in CETTM. She assured to take early action.
03-08-17 ED Delhi office issued special leave orders for the delegates who attended CWC meeting held in MUMBAI on 6 & 7th Sep, 2017. <<order>>
29-09-17 In view of order of honbl'e Mumbai High Court the meeting with Regional Labour Commissioner Delhi is postponed on 12/10/2017 at 12.00 PM. <<<letter>>>

Deferment of Agitational


Mumbai High court directed today that Govt of India be made a party to the case filed by MTNL against unions and Associations of MTNL to give its comments on the demands of employees & directed union of India to be present on next date of hearing on 9th October 2017.

Today CMD MTNL called representatives of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations & requested them to defer the call of Strike for want of final outcome, as continuous meetings are going on in DOT on the demands of the employees. From management side, CMD, Dir (HR), Dir (Tech), ED, Delhi and Mumbai, GM(HR), GM(A), Delhi, Mumbai were present in the meeting. From MEA side, GS  Shri V K Tomar, CHQ President Shri P N Vasane (on video conferencing), AGSs Shri D P S Chaudhary & Shri Sanjay Kumar, CS, Delhi Sunil Kumar & CS Mumbai Shri G P Yadav (on video conferencing) attended meeting.  Yesterday, two rounds of discussions of Forum representatives and management/ DOT representatives were held in RLC meeting. Director (HR) was also present in RLC meeting. Today also,  RLC meeting will continue. High court had asked to defer the strike till 10 the Oct, 17 ( The Orders are attached please for viewing ..... <orders> )  

Therefore, it has been decided to defer the call of Strike as per high court directive.

We are thankful to all officers and employees for massive participation in all the trade union programs and showing their tremendous unity and solidarity. All most all officers and employees in Delhi and Mumbai did not fill the declaration circulated by management except very few (112 in Mumbai and 10 in Delhi received in EDs office by last date). It shows great unity and solidarity and this solidarity has made strike call 100% successful without going on strike. Keep it up.

It has given a strong message to the MTNL management & DOT. We are in discussion at all levels & committed to resolve all issues.

27-09-17 MEA Delhi circle CEC & Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations meeting for preparation of ensuing strike from 29th September--

Delhi circle CEC meeting was held on 26th September in BSNL recreation club, Kidwai bhawan & Forum of MTNL Unions and Association meeting at T 28 A Atule Grove road, New Delhi.

Forum meeting was addressed by Shr GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar, BMS All India  General secretary Shri Virjesh Upadhyay, MTNL Mazdoor Sangh, GS, Shri Dharam Raj Singh, MTNL MS President and Retirees forum Chairman Shri Mahavir Singh, RTWOA GS & Retirees forum convener, Shr S S Nanda, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, Circle President MEA Delhi Shri S R Singh, AGS/ RTWOA Shri R K Mudgal addressed the meeting.

It was clearly stressed that no one has to fill the declaration and all preparation are to be made in such a way that it becomes total strike in Delhi & Mumbai to ensure  MTNL revival, 78.2% fitment, implementation of 3rd PRC,  pension  revision, 30% corpus, CGHS full reimbursement , counting of casual service for pension etc.

<<Photos of meetings>> 


25-09-17 Dear com, We have decided along with both the recognised unions of Delhi and Mumbai that no-one will sign declaration.
23-09-17 Historical rally by Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations of working and Retirees--A historical rally of huge gathering started from K L Bhawan to Sanchar Bhawan in support of our demands, MTNL revival, 78.2% fitment, implementation of 3rd PRC, creation of 30% corpus, counting casual service for pension, full reimbursement of CGHS payment of retirees, etc which was addressed by GS, MEA/ Chairman Forum Sh V K Tomar, GS, MTNLMS/ Convener forum Shri Dharamraj Ji,  All India General Secretary, BMS, Shri Virjesh Upadhayay, President MTNL Kamgar Sangh, Mumbai Shri Arvind Sawan, MP, BMS/ Vice president Ratnesh Kumar, RTOWA GS/ Convener, Retirees Forum. GS MEA said that al the issues raised by the forum are legitimate and genuine and can not denied on the ground of financial condition of the MTNL because it is not because of employees but govt policies and management decisions have made MTNL financial sick. He demanded that legal action must be initiated against those whose policy/ corporate decisions have made MTNL sick and created financial and mental unrest amongst thousands and thousands employees and their family. All the speakers stressed that issues are genuine and legitimate and struggle will continue till the settlement of the issues.

Lunch hour demonstration was held in Mumbai at ED, office Prabhadevi

We call upon all employees and officers for 29th strike.

With the insensitive and unconcerned management, strike is unavoidable, so make all preparation for 29th strike. Fight for your genuine rights. We will not leave our rights at any cost. go ahead and fight.  

<<<photos of Delhi rally>>   

<<photos of Mumbai demonstration>>

Delhi rally

Mumbai demonstration


अभी नहीं तो कभी नहीं


COME ON!             COME ON!           COME ON!

All officers and employees of MTNL are requested to reach K L BHAWAN, JANPATH, NEW DELHI at 11.00 AM sharp to march towards Sanchar Bhawan. This will be a historical Rally in the history of MTNL. Be unite and fight for our legitimate rights!


18-07-17 MTNL CO ask vacancy position in the DE(Telecom) cadre from Delhi and Mumbai units on regular basis. <<<letter>>>
16-09-17 Meeting of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations of Delhi & Mumbai with MTNL Management---  mere assurance no settlement---agitation will continue

MTNL Management called Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations of Delhi and Mumbai to discuss the issues raised in the ongoing agitational programme on 15th September,2017 in the committee room , Corporate Office 5th floor. From management side, CMD, Dir (HR), Dir (Tech), GM(HR), GM(Fin), CO, ED, Delhi, ED, Mumbai (on video conferencing), GM(A), Delhi, GM(A) Mumbai ( on video conferencing), DGM (P) were present. From Unions and Association side, both recognized unions of Delhi and Mumbai, RTOWA & MEA. Shri V K Tomar, GS, Shri P N Vasane, CHQ President, Sh Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi & Sh G P Yadav, CS Mumbai were from MEA side. RTOWA was represented by Shri Radha Krishnan & Shri B S Dalal. CMD & Dir (HR) explained the discussion of MTNL management with DOT regarding the issues raised by Forum and a detailed discussion was held on all the issues of working and retired employees raised by the Forum. Sh V K Tomar, Shri Dharam Raj Singh  & Shri Dilip Jadhav presented the view point of the Forum on all the issues and expressed resentment of the employees over abnormal delay in settlement of the issues. After two hour discussion, CMD again wanted some more time and only gave assurance that management will further discuss the issues with DOT and try to get them settled. CMD appealed to withdraw the agitation. Forum  strongly conveyed to management that  agitation programme will continue till the settlement of the issues.

Make all preparation of 22nd Sep  rally eastern court to Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi to submit memorandum to minister of Communication


Lunch hour demonstration at ED, Office, Prabhadevi, Mumbai


Joint CEC of MEA and MTNL Mazdoor Sangh will be held on 19th Sep at 2pm in Karol Bagh telephone exchange. All CHQ/ Circle Office bearers, Area secretaries and Divisional Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting

13-09-17 Media News - MTNL to monetise It's Land asset.

Click the link for details  ....   <link>


The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval to introduction of the Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill, 2017, in Parliament. The amendment will put the maximum limit of gratuity of employees of the private sector as well as public undertakings and autonomous organisations under the government who are not covered under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, at par with Central government employees, which is 20 lakh.

Click the link for details.......   <link>

13-09 -17 Government approves  hiving-off of  separate Mobile Tower Asset company from BSNL.  For complete news , click the link ....<link>
13-09-17 Meeting with Director (Tech)---GS met Dir (T) on 12-08-17 and had discussion on the the issues related to Mumbai unit . ED Mumbai Shri Praveen Punj was also present in the meeting. GS raised the long pending issue of Mumbai unit of STD on RSTC and ownership of MTNL on Powai quarters. Dir (T) asked ED Mumbai to resolve the issue of STD on RSTC at his level. ED assured to take decision on this issue shortly. Regarding ownership of Powai quarters which were constructed by MTNL on its land and  paying all taxes of these quarters, but all towers of Powai quarters are under the control of BSNL. Our employees residing there are made to pay higher rent. MEA has taken up this issue with MTNL management and DOT. DOT has constituted a committee of the officers from DOT, BSNL and MTNL long back to look into this matter. One Chief Engineer of Mumbai unit is the member of this committee. Dir (T) asked ED to pursue with DOT and expedite the matter.

Director (T) expressed his concern over slow progress of new BTS installation in Delhi unit and asked GS to pursue with the officers to speed up the process. He also said that new battery set are lying in stores in Delhi unit but old battery set are not being replaced with these new sets. Association asks to all concerned officers of WS wing of Delhi unit to speed up the process of BTS installation and replacement of battery sets. 

11-08-17 A grand CWC Meeting at Mumbai--

A beautifully organized well attended CWC meeting of MEA was held at CETTM, Mumbai on 7th and 8th September, 2017 which was inaugurated by PGM(Trg) CETTM by lighting lamp along with Shri Baby Thomus, Secretary General, NCOA.  A detailed discussion was held on the issues of MTNL revival, implementation of  78.2% fitment, 30% corpus, implementation of  3rd PRC, Promotion policy, pending DPCs, Trg increment, seniority issues of different Executive cadres, other HR issues & organization matters. ED, Mumbai Shri Pravin Punj, PGM(Trg), CETTM, Shri Rajender Prasad, Secretary General, NCOA Shri Baby Thomus, GS, SNEA Shri  K Sabestin, GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar  & Sh S N Prasad, Patron addressed the CWC. 

ED, Mumbai in his address explained the expansion plan of MTNL Mumbai and informed that Corporate office has allocated Rs 250 crore for Mumbai for development of land line/ BB and WS services. he also elaborately explained how successfully  Mumbai surveillance project was completed. He also assured his support towards our issues related to the welfare of the employees including 3rd PRC and promotional career growth of the officers.

SG, NCOA Shri Baby Thomus was present both days and spoke on the matters related to NCOA and AIPCOC and said that role of MEA is tremendous in the activities of NCOA and AIPCOC. Both these organizations are fighting to save Public sector and to get 3rd PRC implemented in all CPSus irrespective of affordability. Some mobilization and agitation programmes will be organized by AIPCOC in the coming days and MEA will have to play a vital role in these programmes. A regional convention of AIPCOC will be held on 7th October 17 in Mumbai, in which MEA will have to play a leading role along with other constituents of AIPCOC( All India Public Sector and Central Govt Officers' Confederation).

GS, SNEA, Shri Sabestin explained the financial condition of BSNL and the status of HR issues in BSNL like CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% corpus, Promotions etc which will be helpful in MTNL to get these issues settled in MTNL.

PGM(Trg), CETTM Shri Rajender Prasad spoke on the CETTM business and Toll free number. he explained how he got the revenue increased in these two segments. He asked the CWC members and Association to assist his efforts to increase the revenue of CETTM and toll free numbers. He encouraged the CWC to improve the performance of the company.

GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar explained that present on going struggle is for MTNL revival, implementation of left out benefits of 2nd PRC ( 78.2% fitment, 30% corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees), implementation of 3rd PRC, revision of Pension etc. He said that protest action programme of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations, MTN Kamgar Sangh, RTOWA and other constituents is going on strongly and successfully. There is proper coordination and understanding amongst all constituents. He said that Forum and other constituents are committed to go to any extent to get the legitimate rights of the employees. He also explained the status of other HR issues like promotions/ DPCs, trg increment, CPSU hierarchy, etc. 

Both the circle secretaries of Delhi and Mumbai Sh Sunil Kumar  & Sh G P Yadav placed the Circle Secretary report on the matters of paid membership & other organisational as well as welfare issues of both the circles.

Many office bearers and CWC members spoke and raised many issues and also expressed thier view point on various matters discussed in CWC. after a in depth discussion, CWC passed following resolutions

  1. Association has to fight upto any extent to resolve the issues raised in the on going protest action programme of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations
  2. Association has to take up the issue of promotion policy of Executives with the demand of single promotion policy from E2 to E9 to replace present two promotion policies ( Gr B level Promotion policy and Senior Managment Promotion Policy)
  3. Association has to strongly pursue for CPSU hierarchy Promotion Policy in which promotions are to be given on time bound basis instead of post base promotions)
  4. Because of the fast retirement in officers cadre, Association Fund collection is decreasing day by day, while expenditure is increasing because of increased Association activities on various fronts like save public sector, fight to get legitimate rights from non cooperative and unconcerned management, activities of NCOA/ AIPCOC, claim cases of  deceased comrades. In view of this, CWC resolved to increase the monthly subscription from Rs 50 to Rs 100/- w.e.f 01-01-2018 .

<<<photos of CWC>>


01-09-17 ED Delhi issued Look After arrangement of 43 Dy Manager (Telecom) to Sr Manager (Telecom). <<<letter>>>
01-09-17  CWC ( Central Working Committee) meeting  of MEA will be held in CETTM Mumbai on 7th and 8th September, 2017 to discuss and decide line of action of Association on various issues right from MTNL revival to welfare issues of Executives, 78.2% fitment, 3rd PRC, 30% corpus, EPF revised pension,  revision of CCS pension, other pending HR issues. Matters related to NCOA & AIPCOC.

Office bearers and CWC members of Delhi & Mumbai Circles of MEA make preparation for CWC regarding issues and journey. This CWC is being conducted at a very crucial juncture, when we have  lot of issues and challenges before us, so come with full preparation so that things can be discussed in depth and decisions can be taken accordingly.

31-08-17 GS writes letter to CMD MTNL regarding training period increment : No requirement of inclusion of this clause in RR . <<<letter>>>
31-08-17 MTNL CO issued letter regarding Medical of MTNL Retirees to change over to CGHS. <<<<letter1>>>>   <<<<letter2>>>>
View Media Reports:


         Struggle, Struggle and Struggle---

Be ready for decisive struggle for our legitimate rights and MTNL revival & Survival --Expose  dual character, vested interests & negative forces who may join hands with the management to weaken the struggle. Make them understand that this struggle is for the genuine and righteous issues which are being denied for a quite long time by management on one pretext or the other and no serious efforts have been made to resolve them. Let every one including management must know that we are the one who are most concerned about the MTNL financial health and its customers, and we are also concerned about the  duties, responsibilities and rights of the employees of the this company.  We are of the firm opinion that employees are not at all responsible for the bad financial condition of the company and so they can not be held responsible by denying their dues of 2nd PRC and 3rd PRC  while those ( Ministers, Secretaries, Joint Secretaries and other officers of DOT and MTNL board)  whose policies and decisions have destroyed this company  are getting all benefits of pay revisions. It is the height of injustice which can not be tolerated and we will go to any extend to get justice. All officers and employees are appealed to make this struggle a decisive struggle. Those who will betray the employees and work against trade union ethics, will  have to face  consequences..




ALL India Public Sector and Central Government Officers Confederation

 Minutes of the EC Meeting held on 22.08.2017 at Delhi.

 The Meeting of the EC of AIPCOC was held at New Delhi.  Com V K Tomar Presided over the meeting.  He narrated the successful conduct of the foundation Conference at Chennai on 5th Aug 2017 and thanked Com. Franco & AIBOC for the arrangements.  He stated that almost all sectors have come together and its a great new beginning.  He welcomed all and introduced the CPWD representatives and ITDC representatives.

 Com Franco, thanked everyone for the conference and outlined the agenda and challenges.  He also proposed an action plan.

 The representatives of CPWD narrated what is happening with CPWD and agreed to discuss in their EC to decide about joining the Confederation.

 Com Chandra Mouli of Excise & GST explained how GSTN is created as a non profitable organisation with Private share holding around 49% and that will take care of taxation which is a sovereign function of a nation.  He also narrated the misuse of Rule 56(J) and the pitiable condition of officers in Central Govt who do not have a Joint Consultancy Mechanism with Govt.

 It was decided that initial funding will be through contribution from organisations and after Registration contribution will be collected as per bye law.

 Com. V.K. Tomar informed about their protest starting with gate meetings and strike on 29th Sept preceded by rally on 22nd Sept to Sanchar Bhawan.

 1t was decided that Com. V.K. Tomar, Com K Sabestin & Com. Alok Roy will prepare a memorandum to be submitted to MPs and ministers regarding PRC and affordability clause.  It was decided to give full support to BEML, KAL and other PSUs where struggles are going on. It was also decided to have a March to Parliament on 15th Sept 2017 and write to United Forum of Bank Unions who are also having the same plan to make it larger.  A notice has to be prepared for the same.  It was also decided to have a convention at Mumbai on 7th October and at Kolkatta on 28th Oct.  The next EC meeting will be at Mumbai on 8th Oct 2017

 Decided to get media attention to our activities

 The Following members were added to the EC.

1.   Com. G.L Jogi – Advisor

2.   Com. Rakesh Ranjan – FCI- Joint Gen Secretary

3.   Com. B.P. Rao, NHPC- Vice President

4.   Com. V.K. Sharma NTPC- Vice President

 The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. Sebastian.



Media News MTNL awaits Govt. nod to sell un-used properties in Delhi. MTNL expects Rs. 3500-4500 crores from the sale of properties in both cities.

Click the  link for details ....  <link>

26-08-17 ED Delhi office issued Time Bound financial upgradation order from E4 to E5 of 49 executives. <<<order>>>
21-08-17 Pension Revision of MTNL Retirees wef 01-01-2017 –
Sh V K Tomar GS MEA & Chairman Forum of MTNL U&A , Dharam Raj Singh GS BMS & Convener Forum of MTNL U&A, Mahavir Singh President BMS &Chairman Joint Forum of MTNL retirees, S S Nanda GS RTOWA Delhi & Convener Joint Forum of MTNL retirees and R K Mudgal AGS RTOWA had a meeting with DDG(Estt) DOT & DDG(SR) DOT on 21-08-2017 and discussed the issue of Pension Revision of MTNL retirees. The meeting was held in response to the querry made by PMO PG cell on the letter sent by FMUA for revision of Pension of MTNL retirees.
They had a detailed discussion on Pension Revision issue and explained all the points mentioned in the letter. Both the officers were convinced by the justifications given by Association representatives. Association representatives requested them to put the case with a positive note by giving all the justifications given by them. DDG(Estt) asked Association representatives to give some more supportive data related to pension revision on the financial and technical issues to convince the issue at the higher level. Association representatives assured DDG(Estt) to provide all detailed information in the next meeting.
18-08-17 CONGRATULATIONS FOR GRAND 2nd DAY DHARNA AND DEMONSTRATION at MTNL CO, CGO & Prabhadevi, Mumbai today.  The total participation of officers & employees will ultimately help in settlement of the issues. we hope to continue this momentum till the ultimate settlement of all the issues of our protest notice.

The gathering was addressed by  GS MEA  Sh V.K. Tomar, Gen. Secy/ Chairman of Forum, BMS Sh. Brijesh Upadhyay, GS, MTNLMS, Shri Dharamraj Singh/ Convener of Forum, Chairman SNEA Shri G.L. Jogi & Shri S S Nanda, GS RTOW & Convener Forum of Retirees , Shri Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi and others. In Mumbai gathering was addressed by Shri Arvind Sawant, MP, Shri Dilip Jadhav, GS, MTN Kamgar Sangh & Shri G P Yadav, CS, MEA Mumbai. Keep it up and mobilize for further programmes.  For viewing the pics please click the link ..... <Pics>



Please click the Link for Pics of the Dharna .... <Dharna> 

All Executives are requested to come today again at MTNL CO, CGO to show your strength & Unity. Please reach in full strength so that powerful message reaches to management & Govt. 

Today's programme  :- Demonstration w.e.f. 11 am to 3 pm


COME ON!             COME ON!           COME ON!

All officers and employees of MTNL are requested to reach MTNL Corporate office, CGO at 10 AM in Long Day Dharna on 17-08-17 and 18-08-17. Be unite and fight for our legitimate rights!

16-08-17 GS MEA writes letter to CMD MTNL to implement 3rd PRC with allowances immediately to boost moral of the employees. <<letter>>

Joint forum also writes letter to CMD to implement 3rd PRC with allowances immediately to boost moral of the employees. <<letter>>

16-08-17 NCOA issued Circular to all its affiliates and zones to observe 17 august 2017 as protest day against the government decision of endorsing affordability clause in the implementation of pay revision with effect from 01/01/2017. <<LETTER>>
12-08-17    CEC meeting of Delhi Circle on 11-08-17

Circle Executive Committee meeting of MEA Delhi Circle was held on 11-08-17 at 555 Kidwai Bhawan for making the 17th and 18th August Dharna programme a grand success. GS, CS and other CHQ and circle Office bearers addressed the CEC and stressed that 100% officers working and retired along with employees have to reach at corporate Office on 17th and 18th August 2017 for achieving our legitimate rights of 78.2% fitment, 30% Corpus for post retirement benefits, 3rd PRC implementation and other issues like revision of pension, CGHS full reimbursement, revision of perks and allowance etc. GS and all other speakers stressed that this is a decisive struggle and we have to go to any extent for our legitimate rights. Employees are not responsible for losses of the company, than why they should suffer for the reasons for which govt policies and inefficient Management is responsible. GS appealed to all officers and employees  not to leave a single employee and officer in the offices on 17th 7 18 th August and gather at corporate office in full strength on these days. And also asked to be fully prepared for further programmes and strike from 29th September.

Our struggle is for our legitimate rights and injustice by Govt and MTNL management. Come on , reach Corporate office in full strength to make our voice against injustice heard by MTNL Management and DOT.  

 Strike, strike, strike, strike for our right


NEC meeting of NCOA at Chennai on 06.08.2017

National Executive Council meeting of NCOA held at Chennai on 06.08.2017 to discuss the 3rd PRC, the DPE OM on pay revision, HRA etc. NEC condemned the Govt order on 3rd PRC with affordability clause, making majority of the CPSUs out of the purview of 3rd PRC. NEC taken various decisions to oppose the Govt decision and decided to struggle organizationally for the implementation of 3rd PRC benefits for the Executives of all the CPSUs. Legal options also will be examined.

GS, Sh V K Tomar along with CS, Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar & CS, Mumbai Shri G P Yadav attended the NEC




The 1st All India Conference of AIPCOC, held at Chennai on 05.08.2017 attended by the Associations representing the CPSUs of all the sectors and Central Govt officers. Associations representing Banking sector, Telecom sector, Power sector, Insurance sector, Oil sector, Coal, Defense sector, Central Govt Gazetted officers confederation, Railway, ITDC etc attended the Conference.

Leaders from different sectors addressed the Conference about the issues faced by the sectors and how the Govt policies affected it. Central trade Union leaders also addressed the conference. CS of SNEA of different circles and CS, Delhi Sh Sunil Kumar & CS, Mumbai, MEA Shri G P Yadav also attended the conference.

The conference adopted resolutions against disinvest & strategic sale of CPSUs, merger of banks and PSUs, proposed move for privatization of Railways etc. The conference adopted resolution demanding removal of affordability clause for 3rd PRC for CPSUs.

All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) Secretary General Com D T Franco unanimously elected as the Secretary General of AIPCOC. NCOA President/ GS, MEA Com V K Tomar elected as the President of AIPCOC. GS/SNEA Com K Sebastin elected as Vice President of AIPCOC.

State level conventions will be held shortly to elect the state level office bearers.


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08-08-17 Public sector, Central Govt officers to launch agitation against 'privatization moves'& affordability clause for 3rd PRC implimentation - The Hindu Business Line ( Decisions taken by AIPCOC in Ist Conference in Chennai)

<<media report>>

  NCOA, NEC on 6th August at Chennai

View glimpse of NEC


AIPCOC, Ist Conference at Chennai on 5th August 2017

View Glimpse of Photos.

Shri V K Tomar, GS/MEA& President ,NCOA was elected as National President of AIPCOC ( All India PSU & Central Govt Officers' Confederation), AIPCOC represents about 13 Lakh Officers of Central Govt & CPSUs.

AIPCOC, Ist Conference at Chennai on 5th August 2017

View Glimpse of Photos.


04-08-17 Department of Public Enterprises issues 3rd PRC recommendations. Please click the link for the report ........... <report>
04-08-17 Lunch Hour demonstration at all GM Offices in Delhi & Mumbai under the Banner of Forum of  MTNL UNION & ASSOCIATIONS on 03-08-2017

There was massive participation of Executives & Non-Executives in the demonstrations held at respective GM Offices across Delhi/Mumbai MTNL Units.

Congratulation to all the Executives for near 100 % participation, we hope to continue this momentum till the ultimate settlement of all the issues of our demand notice letter. Next stage of trade Union programme is SATYAAGRAH Day-long Dharna  on dated 17-08-17 & 18-08-17  at MTNL Corporate Office CGO Delhi / Prabha Devi Mumbai

The pictures of the demonstrations are as follows ....... <pics>

04-08-17 MTNL CO has issued a letter of extending the date for applying of CGHS medical facility of retired MTNL employees. Order is attached please..... <order>
03-08-17           Participate all working and retired employees/Officers in Today's Massive Lunch Hour demonstration at all GM Offices in Delhi & Mumbai

All working and retired employees and Officers of Delhi & Mumbai are requested to participate in full strength in today's lunch hour demonstration at all GM office in Delhi & Mumbai. This is Joint struggle of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations  & Joint Forum of Retirees Unions and Associations of MTNL. Member of RTOWA and other retireed employees are to Participate at K L Bhawan New Delhi demonstration. Make this programme a grand success to achieve our legitimate rights.

02-08-17 Forum of  MTNL UNION & ASSOCIATIONS writes to Chairman TC , Secretary DoT , CMD MTNL about Forum's decision to hold joint protest action plan of MTNL UNION & ASSOCIATIONS alongwith MTNL RETIREES UNION & ASSOCIATIONS and conveyed the addition of following retirement/ post-retirement  demands -

1.   30% corpus for post retirement benefits as per 2nd PRC of CPSE

2.    Pension revision as per 7th CPC to MTNL cobminbed service retirees

3.    Full reimbursement by MTNL of CGHS deposited.

4.     Time bound promotion to VRS optees.


Content of letter as follows ........ <letter>

02-08-17 Forum of  MTNL UNION & ASSOCIATIONS writes to CMD MTNL for  30% Superannuation benefits to MTNL Officers/Officials as per second PRC recommendations and DPE orders. Click the link for the letter ... <letter> 
Old News For older news --- before 1 August 2017 .... please click the link .....  <<<<Link>>>>