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Parliament March by NCOA on 22.03.2017.


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25-03-17 Photos and News clips of NCOA Parliament March against anti PSU policies of Govt

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Parliament March by NCOA


Congratulations to all the office bearers and activists of MEA for making the march a great success.

More than 1800 Executives from various CPSUs participated in the Parliament March organized by NCOA on 22.03.2017. It is a clear message to the Prime Minister, Niti Ayog and the Union Govt that the employees will not allow disinvestment and will go to any extent to protect the interest of the company. Employees form CPSUs also joined the march in the efforts to protect the CPSUs. The CPSU employees resolved to protect the CPSUs from disinvestment/strategic sale. On 3rd PRC, all demanded pay revision without linking with profitability and affordability. CPSUs become loss making due to the wrong policies of the Govt or by inefficient management and not by the employees. The employees are not part of any policy decisions.

Com Tapan Sen, MP and General Secretary/CITU inaugurated the March at eastern court. Com Predeep Battacharya, Hon MP representing INTUC addressed the March. Com Amrit Kaur from AITUC, Shri Ratnesh Kumar, MTNLMS/BMS addressed and extended their full support for the initiative taken by the Executives and employees to protect the CPSUs. Com Sunil Kumar, CS/ MEA Delhi invited the speakers to address the rally

Com V. K. Tomar, President/NCOA/ GS, MEA, Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, , Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com Thomas Franco, Secretary General/AIBOC ( All India Bank Officers Confedration), Com S S Nanda, GS/RTOWA and General Secretaries of various Associations representing various CPSUs addressed the march. Dy.GS/SNEA.

At the end of the  March NCOA delegation was taken to  Hon Prime Minister office for submitting the memorandum.

Maximum participation was from MEA and SNEA. More than 1000 comrades were from MEA. We thanks all CHQ / Circle/ Area/Divisional office bearers and above all our rank and file who made this programme a grand success with their huge participation. Comrades keep it up. we are proud of you comrades. We will do our best to save MTNL and legitimate rights of our executives.

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22-03-17 Congratulations!         Congratulations!         Congratulations!

Congratulations and thanks to all MEA office bearers and members for participating and making today's rally a grand successful. More than 1000 officers of different Public Sector Enterprises participated in the Rally.

Details will be uploaded soon with photographs.


Parliament March on 22.03.2017 from Eastern court.

 Parliament March on 22.03.2017 on the following demands:

a) No disinvestment/Strategic sale.

b) Implementation of 3rd PRC without profitability condition.

(c)  Support for revival of sick PSus

All comrades are requested to reach Eastern Court by 01 PM.

  ALL MTNL OFFICERS ARE REQUESTED TO ATTEND IN FULL STRENGTH OUR ABOVE MENTIONED RALLY ( THIS WILL PAVE THE WAY FOR 3rd PRC and SURVIVAL/REVIVAL OF MTNL/other PSUs). The rally which will start from eastern court at 1 PM. All are requested to come to eastern court in full strength on 22nd March 17 at 1 PM for rally to save MTNL and other CPSUs.

18-03-2017---CEC Meeting of DELHI Circle --- 

MEA Delhi circle CEC meeting was held on 18-03-17 at Room No. 555, Kidwai Bhawan. The CEC meeting was presided by Sh. Pramil Gupta CHQ V. President &  attended by more than 100 office bearers/officers. GS Shri V K Tomar in his address explained the financial condition of MTNL and how things are changing with each passing day regarding revival/ merger of MTNL & BSNL. But with the present scenario when MTNL has got a regular CMD after long time and now complete regular board is in place, GS hoped that things can be changed in MTNL and company performance and revenue can be increased. He asked CEC to take self initiatives to improve the things in MTNL and let the Association know what is required at the level of management to support your initiatives to improve the services, so that Association can take up the issues with management to improve the efficiency and revenue of the company and decide the revival strategies.  Issues like 3rd PRC , 78.25 fitment, Promotions in different cadres, trg increment  and other HR issues were elaborately explained. Members raised queries which were replied by GS. Issues raised by members will be taken up with management for early settlement.

Govt policy regarding disinvestment and strategic sale of PSUs was also discussed in details and GS briefed the NCOA resolution of submitting memorandum to PM for early implementation of 3rd PRC & to stop disinvestment and strategic sale of PSUs.  GS stressed that in the 22nd March rally to Prime Minister office, MTNL Delhi Officers should participate in full strength.

Sh. Praveen Passi CHQ VP, Sh. D P S Chaudhary, AGS CHQ, Sh. Sunil Kumar Circle Secretary besides other Office Bearers of CHQ/Circle also addressed the CEC.

20-03-17 BSNL, MTNL merger to help both firms: BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava:

Amid renewed push for BSNL-MTNL merger, BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava has said the combination will be "advantageous" for both the state-owned telecom firms but issues pertaining to debt and salary structure will need to be sorted out first. A Parliamentary panel report has pointed out that the Telecom Department is planning to place the merger proposal before the Cabinet by June. The Standing Committee on Information Technology last week had said: "On the plan for merger <<<<news>>>>

17-03-17 BSNL-MTNL merger plan to be placed before Cabinet by June:

The Department of Telecom is planning to place merger proposal of loss making public sector firms BSNL and MTNLBSE 3.29 % before the Cabinet by June, as per a parliamentary panel report.

"On the plan for merger of BSNL and MTNL, the same would taken to Cabinet before June," the Standing Committee on Information Technology chaired by BJP MP Anurag Thakur said in its report.   <<<<news>>>>


Parliamentary panel suggests BSNL-MTNL merger:

A Parliamentary panel has suggested merger of state-run telecom firms BSNL and MTNL for their long-term survival. A Parliamentary panel has suggested merger of state-run telecom firms BSNL and MTNL for their long-term survival. The Committee on Petitions, chaired by BJP MP Bhagat Singh Koshyari, in its report tabled in Lok Sabha today, said that it is of the “considered opinion that for the long-term survival and success, merger of MTNL and BSNL would be a good proposition…” Their merger would give both the entities a chance for competing against private sector players, it added.  <<<<news>>>>

16-03-17 MTNL Delhi unit issued Look After order for the post of DGM(T) of 42 Sr Manager(T).  <<<<order>>>>

DOT issued an order for implementation of 7th CPC recommendations to the BSNL/MTNL absorbees opting for pension for combined service governed under Rule-37-A of CCS (Pension) Rule-1972. As per this order the maximum limit of Death, Retirement gratuity shall be Rs. 20 Lakh W.e.f.01.01.2016. <<<<order>>>>

15-03-17 MTNL CO has issued promotion orders of 3 executives to the grade of Sr.Mgr. (E5). please click the link for orders .... <order>
15-03-17 DOT has sought information to assess financial implication in one time option for prorata pensioners to combined pension. <<CO & DOT letter>>
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15-03-17 GS writes to Secretary DPE regarding implementation of 3rd PRC and issues like affordability for implementation of  3rd PRC, revision of pension, corpus for post retirement benefits, fitment, periodicity & increment date . <<letter>>
15-03-17 /Meeting with PGM(WS) Delhi---GS, CS & CT Sh Satyavir Singh along with WS office bearers, Shri Mukul Dixit, Shri Pankaj Sharma, Shri M K Singh, Shri B L Singh & DS Shri Mahesh Sharma had a meeting with PGM(WS) on 14-03-17
Following points were discussed --1 Life of battery bank of indoor is 4 yr while for outdoor it is 3 yr.Most of the AC of indoor sites are faulty which substantially​ effect the life of battery--2) No AMC of batteries.No preventive maintenance have been done to increase the life of dead/ weak cells.3) It is required to be checked when the replaced batteries have been received in store as it is very much possible that the time gap between receiving and installation of batteries may be 3 to 6 months.4) existing zero back up battery sets may be checked and dead / weak cells may be replaced by good one to increase the back up time up to 30 min.5) Time to time preventive maintenance may be done to increase life of battery bank.
12-03-17 CEC Meeting of Delhi Circle will be held on 18-03-17 in room no 555 Kidwai Bhawan at 2 PM. All CHQ/Circle/Area office bearers/Divisional Presidents/ Secretaries and CEC / CWC members are requested to attend meeting positively. Issues regarding MTNL revival/  Implementation of 3rd PRC and govt policies regarding strategic sales and disinvestment of PSUs will be the important point of discussion.

All are requested to  participate in 22nd March Rally  to PM office from Eastern court at 1 PM to submit memorandum to PM  opposing govt policy of strategic sale of PSUs/ disinvestment, to get support from Govt to revive PSUs & to implement 3rd PRC report in all PSUs by removing affordability clause recommended by 3rd PRC. MTNL comrades are requested in full strength in this rally. All Office bearers have to  mobilize and make all arrangement to bring 100% officers to this rally to protect our intrests.



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09-03-17 MTNL CO issued order regarding time bound implementation of Biometric attendance system in all offices. <<<<order>>>>

MTNL CO given reply to stock exchange regarding merger with BSNL.    <<<<letter>>>>

08-03-17 Happy women's day

"Men and women should own the world as a mutual possession." - - Pearl Buck

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." - - Margaret Thatcher

"Women are the real architects of society."-- - Harriet Beecher Stowe

"Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights." - - Hillary Clinton

"I do not wish them (women) to have power over men; but over themselves." - - Mary Wollstonecraft

"The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity." - - Viola Davis

07-03-17 GS Mumbai Tour--

04-03-17---CEC Meeting of Mumbai Circle---  MEA Mumbai circle special  CEC meeting was held on 04-03-17 at Prabha Devi Conference hall, Telephone House Mumbai. CEC Meeting  which was presided over by Shri  P N Vasane, CHQ President was attended by more than 150 office bearers/officers. GS, Shri V K Tomar in his address explained the financial condition of MTNL and how things are changing with each passing day regarding revival/ merger of MTNL & BSNL. But with the present scenario when MTNL has got a regular CMD after long time and now complete regular board is in place, GS hoped that things can be changed in MTNL and company performance and revenue can be increased. He asked CEC to take self initiatives to improve the things in MTNL and let the Association know what is required at the level of management to support your initiatives to improve the services, so that Association can take up the issues with management to improve the efficiency and revenue of the company and decide the revival strategies.  Issues like 3rd PRC , 78.25 fitment, Promotions in different cadres, trg increment  and other HR issues were elaborately explained. Members raised queries which were replied by GS. Issues raised by members will be taken up with management for early settlement. Shri S N Prasad, Patron, Shri Parmil gupta, Vice President, CHQ, Shri D P S Chaudhary, AGS, Shri Satyavir Singh CT, Shri Ashish Barnwal, AGS & Shri G P Yadav CS Mumbai also addressed the CEC.


05-03-17----National Executive Council meeting of NCOA was held at Mazagon Dock Ltd Officers Recreation Club Conference hall following issues were discussed. Implementation of 3rd PRC: After detailed discussion the meeting decided to take up the following important issues like i) Pay revision as well as retirement benefits should not be linked with affordability on 3rd PRC implementation, ii) minimum fitment should be 20% instead of 15% if it is 10 years, iii) periodicity should be 5 years instead of 10 years and Pay Revision with 15% fitment has to be implemented notionally from 01.01.2012 as wage revision has implemented for workmen in several CPSUs like Coal on 01.01.2012 and workmen are drawing higher pay than the Executives. Pay revision with another 15% has to be implemented from 01.01.2017.

Govt policy regarding disinvestment and strategic sale of PSUs was discussed in details and all CPSUs OAs were asked to bring the officers from all over India to participate in 22nd March rally to Prime Minister office to submit memorandum to PM to stop disinvestment and strategic sale of PSUs. MTNl & BSNL will have to participate in full strength in the rally which will start from eastern court at 1 PM. All are requested to come to eastern court in full strength on 22nd March 17 at 1 PM for rally to save MTNL and other CPSUs.

West Zone NCOA meeting---after NEC, west zone meeting was held in which Shri P N Vasane, CHQ President was elected as west Zone President of NCOA.   <<<<photos>>>>

In the evening, GS along with other office bearers met new batch of AM(T) at CETTM.

06-03-17--Meeting with ED Mumbai---GS along with other office bearers of Delhi & Mumbai met ED Mumbai and had discussion on revival of MTNL/ improvement in services and revenue of the company.


02-03-17 Meeting with CMD to congratulate him on his regular appointment----

GS Com V K Tomar along with Com Praveen Passi, CHQ Vice President, CS Com Sunil kumar, CHQ Asst Treasurer Com Arun Dixit & CT Com Satyavir Singh met CMD Shri P K Purwar and congratulated him on his regular appointment by giving him a  flower bouquet. Association assured its full cooperation and support in his endeavors to revive MTNL. Regarding MTNL & BSNL merger issue he informed that Secretary DOT has been transferred out of our ministry, so now MTNL/ BSNL merger issue may get delayed.  Regarding handing over of Wireless service to BSNL, Association maintained that when we are investing to increase our BTS in Delhi & Mumbai to improve our services than why we should hand over our WS service to BSNL. And if it is to be handed over to BSNL than our loan liability which is because of WS service, should also be transferred. CMD agreed with our view point and assured to maintain the same stand. He also discussed various issues to get MTNL revived by its own and hoped that things will improve in the coming days. He also asked Association to work parrallely to improve the work culture of the company and device the ways to improve service quality and sales and marketing. Various ways were suggested by Association to improve the efficiency of the company. CMD assured to provide all means to run company efficiently.

02-03-17 Telecom Secretary J.S. Deepak has been appointed as country's permanent representative to World Trade Organization (WTO).

Please click the link for detailed news ...... <news>


P K Purwar was today appointed Chairman and Managing Director of state-run telecom major Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). 
The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post for five years.


CONGRATULATION to Him from MTNL Executive Association

01-03-17 GS Com V K Tomar along with CS Sunil Kumar & ACT Shri Arun Dixit  met GM(HR) and discussed various issues like LICE from E2 to E3, SCF promotions, Trg increment, designation of E4 as Manager, request transfers, JTO (Elect ) Seniority and promotions fro JTO(E) to SDE(E) and SDE (E) to EE (E), financial up gradation. She apprised association with the latest status of the the issues and assured appropriate action for settlement of these issues.

SDE(E) to EE(Elec) DPC conductedfor 3 officers, orders will be issued shortly.

01-03-17 Retired  Telecom Officers' Welfare Association, Delhi Annual General Body Open Session-- GS Com V K Tomar  attended and addressed the beautifully organized open session of RTOWA in CTO Auditorium  on 25th Feb. Member (Fin), CMD , Jt CCA ,ED Delhi & GM(A)  also addressed the open session . Issues related to retired employees were discussed. Congratulations to Com S S Nannda, GS RTOWA for successful meeting.   
01-03-17 मोबाइल वर्ल्ड कांग्रेस की बैठक में भाग लेने बार्सिलोना आए दूरसंचार सचिव ने कहा, 'जिस तरीके से चीजें आगे बढ़ रही हैं, एकीकरण भारत के लिए अच्छा होने जा रहा है क्योंकि इससे हमारे पास चार निजी और एक सरकारी कंपनी बीसएनएल-एमटीएनएल हो सकती हैं, जो आदर्श स्थिति होगी और ऐसा होने की पूरी संभावना है।' दूरसंचार सचिव जे एस दीपक ने कहा कि एकीकरण के बाद पांच कंपनियों के होने से पर्याप्त प्रतिस्पर्धा होगी लेकिन स्पेक्ट्रम का विभाजन नहीं होगा, यह भारतीय बाजार के लिये अनुकूल है। <<<<clickfornews>>>>
27-02-17 3rd PRC Recommendation Report has been uploaded. For viewing complete report please click the link--- <3rd PRC report link>

The salient points of the report are as below --


a) Fitment benefit: Uniform fitment of 15% on Basic + IDA.

If the additional financial impact on the average of last 3 years PBT (Profit Before Tax) is less than 20%, the fitment will be 15%. If it is more than 20% but less than 30%, the fitment will be 10%. If it is more than 30% but less than 40%, the fitment will be 5%. If it is more than 40%, the fitment will be NIL.

b) Annual increment: 3%

c) Promotion Increment: 3%.

d) Pay scales:

Level              Pre-revised                Revised

E0                12600-32500               30000-120000

E1                16400-40500               40000-140000

E2                20600-46500               50000-160000

E3                24900-50500               60000-180000

E4                29100-54500               70000-200000

E5                32900-58000               80000-220000

E6                36600-62000               90000-240000

E7                43200-66000             100000-260000

E8                51300-73000             120000-280000

E9                62000-80000             150000-300000

e) Stagnation increment: One increment after every two years, upto a maximum of 3 such increments.

f) IDA as on 01.01.2017: 100% neutralisation on 01.01.2017.

g) HRA: 24%, 16%, 8% in place of existing 30%, 20% and 10%. The HRA will be revised to 27%, 18% and 9% when IDA crosses 50% and further revised to 30%, 20% and 10% when IDA crosses 100%.

Further, if at any point of time, the Government enhances the rate of

HRA for the Central Government employees, the same is recommended

to be made applicable to the CPSE employees.

h) Superannuation benefits: It has to be under defined contribution scheme instead of defined benefit scheme.

i) Ceiling of gratuity to be enhanced from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs from 01.01.2017. The ceiling of gratuity shall increase by 25% when IDA crosses 50%.

ii) The current limit of 30% of Basic pay +IDA will continue.

iii) The minimum qualifying service of 15 years not to be mandated for contributory pension. However it will be mandatory for medical benefits.

i) Date of effect: 01.01.2017 for pay scales, benefits and allowances.

j) Retirement age: No change.

k) Periodicity: Not later than 10 years, in line with Central Govt employees. Under no circumstances periodicity of wage revision for workmen should be less than the periodicity of the Executives. 

27-02-17 MEA Mumbai Circle CEC meeting will be held on 4th March,17 in Telephone House, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. GS, Com V K Tomar will address the meeting.

NCOA, NEC meeting will be held on 5th March in MDL. Mumbai. GS along with other office bearers will attend the NEC meeting

27-02-17 GS met CMD to know the facts about the move of MTNL and BSNL merger. He informed that in the back ground of the meeting with Principal Secretary to PM  in which he had said that govt will not give any financial support to MTNL for its revival and MTNL will have to revive by its own for which different options and possibilities are to be explored including BSNL & MTNL merger and also keeping in view the move of  consolidation of private companies to face the stiff competition  with Rel Jio., meeting was held in DOT with Secretary and other senior officers  on 16th Feb, in which MTNL revival was discussed where Secretary asked CMD to explore the options and possibilities where merger can be made with out transferring loan liabilities to BSNL and  keeping uniformity in HR issues.  In this back ground, MTNL is preparing options which will be shown to Secretary soon. CMD asked GS to give any more suggestion in this regard. 

other issues like LICE from E2 to E3 and promotions in different cadres, trg increment etc were also discussed. CMD assured appropriate actions on the pending issues in due course of time.

23-02-17 GS, MEA/ President NCOA, Com V K Tomar attended the open session of SNEA ( recognized Executive Association of BSNL) at Hydrabad on 13th Feb 2017 along with CMD BSNL, Shri Anupam Srivastav, Director, IPE, CGM (AP) & GM(SR) BSNL CO.

Click here to view Glimpses of Open session in connection with the CWC meeting at Hyderabad on 13 February 2017 

22--02-17 MTNL & BSNL Merger-PMO has asked DOT to go for MTNL & BSNL merger. Secretary DOT discussed this issue with CMD MTNL and asked to explore the modalities for MTNL & BSNL merger. It is learnt that MTNL is working on following options
  1. Formation of a company for assets monetization and repayment of loans
  2. Merger of MTNL Delhi & Mumbai units operation with BSNL with out loan liability
  3. Option for staff to get absorbed in BSNL with BSNL pay
  4. Option for voluntary retirement for employees of 55years and above age with extra increments for the remaining service.

Details will be posted shortly after getting formal communication from management .

19-02-17 Meeting with Director (Tech) Shri Sanjeev Kumar---GS along with CS shri sunil kumar met DT on 17th Feb and had a detailed discussion on MTNL revival/ MTNL & BSNL merger. Various options and actions were discussed.
19-02-17 Broad Band Area GB meeting--GB meeting was held on 15-02-17 in 555 KBN, which was addressed by GS, CS & Area secretary BB Com Vimal Sundriyal. Com Parmil Gupta, CHQ Vice President & Com D P S Chaudhary AGS, CT Com Satyavir Singh & ACS Com Dinesh Bhatt were also present. GS explained all the issues related to MTNL revival, 3rd PRC, and other HR issues.  
16-02-17 Meeting with Member (Services)---GS, Sh V K Tomar along with AGS, Sh D P S Chaudhary & CS Sh Sunil Kumar met M(S), DOT Shri R K Mishra and discussed following issues..
  1. Revival of MTNL--A detailed discussion was held on this issue. he said that issue is being discussed very seriously in DOT and today itself a meeting with Secretary DOT was held in which MTNL CMD Shri A K Purwar was also there. He said various options are being explored for MTNL revival including merger of MTNl and BSNL. He asked Association to think so many options/ideas including any stupid idea and come again with number of options for MTNL revival .
  2. 3rd PRC implementation and Pension revision--He informed that he had attended the meeting of Cabinet Secretary on 2nd February regarding the implementation of recommendations of the 3rd PRC and raised the issue of pension revision in MTNL/BSNL. He said that all efforts will be made to get pension revision in MTNL/BSNL, and very confidently assured that pension revision will take place in MTNL/BSNL.  Regarding pay revision of MTNL employees, he said that  MTNL management will have to decide on this and DOT will accept their decision.
  3. Enhancement of gratuity from ten lakhs to twenty lakhs w.e .f 01-01-2016 in MTNL/BSNL--He acknowledged that it is the legitimate issue to enhance gratuity in MTNL /BSNL from 01-01-2016 at par with central govt employees because govt pays pension and gratuity to MTNL/BSNL retired employees. He said that he was pursuing this issue and will hopefully will be decided from 01-01-2016.



16-02-17 MTNL Corporate Office issues transfer orders of  Dy. Managers from Mumbai to Delhi Unit & From Delhi Unit to Corporate Office. Please click the link the order copy ....... <order>
11-02-17 Implementation of 3rd PRC report by Govt: Last week Cabinet Secretary called a meeting of all the secretaries of the Administrative Ministries to have discussion on the matter. Member(S) and Jt Sec(A) represented DoT on behalf of Secretary. The pension revision for BSNL and MTNL pensioners also discussed. Govt has given some time to the Administrative Ministries/ CPSE managments to give feedback on the report.
10-02-17 NCOA Protest march to PMO to oppose govt policy of strategic sale/ disinvestment of Central Public Sector Undertakings---NCOA meeting was held in Delhi, which was attended by many CPSU officers' Associations, including MTNL & BSNL. Govt decision of strategic sale with management transfer to private management in BEML, NMDC, SAIL, CEL, IDPL, Pwan Hans Ltd etc and minor stake disinvestment in many CPSU and also closure of some CPSUs  was discussed in length. After detailed discussion, it was observed that if we will not oppose this move of govt, in coming days, many CPSUs will come in the list of strategic sale and closure. So to protect the growth engine of Indian economy and to protect the citizens from the private monopoly, NCOA will have to protest in a big way to save these temples of Indian Economy.

Now it has been decided to take out a Protest rally to Prime Minister Office on 22nd March  

All are requested to participate in full strength in this protest rally on 22nd March to protect their future and Indian economy

10-02-17 Status of pending issues--

1. Implementation of 78.2% fitment---After our protest, Board approval sent to DOT for its approval with the condition of payment by DOT. Nothing positive has moved in this respect till date. Forum has asked a meeting with the management to discuss and know the action taken by management and DOT in this respect. We will have to fight further to get our legitimate right.  

2-30%  corpus for superannuation benefits to MTNL recruited employees--After the decision of BSNL/ DOT for formation of corpus for superannuation benefits to BSNL employees, MEA wrote to CMD MTNL to start the process here in MTNL also to create 30% corpus. MTNL HR wing put up the file for decision in this respect, but CMD has returned the file with the noting that keep the case pending till the financial condition of MTNL improves.

3--De-freezing of OPD limit, LTC. HBA---  These issues have been raised by MEA & Forum, but nothing positive has been done so far.

4--Counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment--After our long persuasion, case was put up and recommended by HR wing. CMD has asked to take this case to board meeting to get amendment in RRs to get this issue resolved. In last meeting assured that he will ensure that case is put up and decided in ensuing board meeting. Let us see the out come of board meeting. accordingly we will decide next course of action.

5-Mumbai to Delhi transfer cases in the cadre of AM/DM--cases were put up and recommended by Dir (HR). But CMD has asked to consider request transfer after March only.

6--75:25 in SM promotions--We have clarified all the objections of CMD to his satisfaction, but still no decision has been taken by him.

Now, all of you can understand the intention and seriousness of the Management  towards the settlement of the issues. They are not at all concerned to the heart burning and pain of employees. We have to be ready once again to fight for our rights.


08-02-17 Meeting with ED Delhi--- GS, Sh V K Tomar, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, CT, Shri Satyavir Singh, ACT CHQ Shri Arun Dixit met ED on 01-02-17 and discussed following issues. GM (A) was also present in the meeting.
  1. Local Promotions in the cadre of DGM(T)---Association expressed its serious concern over the abnormal delay in issuing local promotion orders in the cadre of DGM(T). Association brought to the knowledge of ED that there is acute shortage of DGMs/ AMs in the Areas and other GM units in Delhi Unit and existing DGMs are over burdened. ED assured that process will expedited and orders will be issued shortly.
  2. Local Promotion orders in the cadre of DE/ SM--ED /GM(A) assured, LA promotion orders in DE cadre will be issued after DGM orders.
  3. Requirement of store items for improving the MTNL services--Association raised the issue of non availability/ shortage of store items like, 5/10 pair unarmored cable for overhead cable laying in TNF areas & twisted drop wire for increasing the broad band speed. ED assured to make arrangement of these store items
  4. Consultative Mechanism with Association/ Union for improvement of services-- Association demanded that a proper mechanism be evolved  at ED / area level so that Association/ Union and Managment representatives can have a fruitful discussion to improve the services. ED agreed and assured to decide some thing in this direction.
03-02-17 GS writes to CMD MTNL regarding implementation in true spirit , MTNL's own decision of  personal upgradation Designation of Manager in subtantive post of Dy. Manager in E4 grade.   Please click the link for the letter ........ <letter>
31-01-17 Forum writes to CMD regarding closure of Millennium Telecom Limited. Shri Rajendra Prasad, GS, MSEA ( absorbed Gr A Officers association) has also signed this letter along with  Chairman/GS, MEA & Convener/GS, MTNL MS.


31-01-17 Forum writes to CMDn  regarding change over of Medical  Policy of retired employees to CGHS and request to fix up meeting to discuss the agenda with reference to his appeal vide  letter No-MTNL/CO/IRW/21 (135)/2016 dated 26-12-2016 in the context of ongoing concillation with RLC (C).


31-01-17 GS writes to CMD regarding discrepancies in CGHS facilities to the pensioners of MTNL/BSNL . <<letter>>

No automatic alt text available.

24.01.2017 GS writes to CMD MTNL for relaxing license fee to normal rate for allotment of vacant Type-V quarters.  Click the link for letter .....  <letter>
21.01.2017 First Batch of AM(T) has been posted in MTNL Mumbai for Field Training. Congratulation to all of them. Please click the link for the posting letter ... <letter> 
21.01.2017 MTNL issues CGHS change option letter for retired MTNL employees.  Click the link for letter ...<link>
21-01-2017 Area General Body meeting of BCP Area--Area meeting was held on 19-01-2017 at BCP MTNL building witch was attended bylarge number of officers of this area. meeting was presided over by Com U S Yadav.   GS, Sh V K Tomar,  CS,Shri Sunil Kumar , CT Shri Satyavir Singh, ACT CHQ Shri Arun Dixit & AS Shri J S Yadav addressed the meeting. GS in his address elobrately explained the issues related to MTNL revival, 3rd PRC , 78.2% fitment and other HR issues related to the promotions in different cadres of different streams. GS stressed that Association is committed to fight and get MTNL revived, 3rd PRC implemented and fitment with 78.2% fitment and other issues  in 2017 resolutions of association. He requested all officers to be united and committed for our cause.
18-01-17 GS writes to CMD, MTNL & CMD BSNL regarding permanent solution of restoration of   frequent disconnection of the RSTC/concessional phones of MTNL employees residing in BSNL area.


16-01-16 NDMC Partners MTNL in Second Attempt at Offering Free Public Wi-Fi in Delhi:

<<<<click for media news>>>>

13-01-2017 ED Delhi issued the posting orders of 114 DMs/ SDEs on their promotion from AM/JTOs to SDE vide  Corporate office order No MTNL/CO/Pers-II/E2 to E3 promotion. <<office order>>
13-01-17 Meeting with CMD--

GS, Shri V K Tomar, CHQ President Shri P N Vasane, CS, Mumbai Shri G P Yadav, CS Delhi shri Sunil Kumar , CHQ Jt Secretary Shri Sunil Sonkar & ACS Shri Rajkumar Sharma met CMD on 12-01-17 and discussed the following issues.

  1. Assets Monetization for generating revenue for MTNL revival---Monetization of vacant land & FAR in Delhi & Mumbai was discussed in length, vital information and suggestions to generate revenue and save wasteful expenditure were provided. CMD assured to take actions on the information and suggestions provided by Association. He also informed about the various steps being taken by Management in respect of revenue generation through Assets monetization.
  2. Implementation of 3rd PRC in MTNL--GS informed CMD that 3rd PRC recommendations have been submitted to the Govt and are likely to be accepted by govt  in next few months. Association asked him to implement 3rd PRC after the Govt orders in this respect. A brief discussion was held in which GS stressed that affordability should not be the criteria for PRC implementation, because employees are not responsible for dwindling financial condition of any PSU, the same views have been strongly conveyed to 3rd PRC which appreciated our views.
  3. Counting of training period for the purpose of drawing increment--Association took up this issue very strongly and conveyed the resentment of the officers who are being denied their legitimate right as per govt orders. CMD informed that he had noted on file to put up this issue for amendment in RRs, which is very much required to resolve this issue. He assured that he will ensure to get it approved in board, but the amendment in RRs will be from prospective date. It means that coming batches will be covered and for old batches ways and means will be explored how this benefit can be extended from retrospective date after amendment in RRs.
  4.  Changing SCF and Competitive quota as 75:25 instead of 50:50 for Sr Manager Promotion till MTNL promotion policy is revised in all disciplines--This issue was discussed in details and all the doubts of the CMD regarding this issue were cleared to his satisfaction and requested him to fill up the resultant vacancies to bring some relief to the officers who are stagnating in the same cadre for last twenty years. This time we were able to justify our demand and convince CMD that there is no problem if this is done. Let us hope for best. we keep fighting for justified demands
  5. Promotion of all AMs in different streams to DM by diverting LICE quota to SCF quota--Association stressed that the Number of AMs in every stream are less than the vacancies available in DM cadre in every stream, so there is no need to conduct the LICE, but by diverting LICE quota to SCF quota, all AMs can be promoted. But, CMD wants to LICE and said that LICE will be notified shortly.   
10-01-2017 Agenda of Association for 2017--
  1. Working towards the revival of MTNL by getting the govt policies and Management decisions in favor of MTNL revival and also educating and mobilizing employees/officers to provide efficient services to the customers.
  2. Implementation of 78% fitment
  3. Implementation of 3rd PRC in MTNL
  4. CPSU Hierarchy time bound functional promotion policy  
  5. Creation of Corpus with 30% Basic + IDA for post retirement benefits to the MTNL recruited employees/ Officers
  6. Increasing of SCF quota to 75% for promotion to Senior Manager in all streams instead of 50% till finalization of new promotion policy in CPSU hierarchy and filling unfilled  resultant vacancies in all streams
  7. Counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment
  8.  AM to DM promotions against all unfilled vacancies in all streams
  9. Terms insurance policy
  10. Promotion of absorbed/MTNL officers to the post of DGMs /GMs on regular basis against vacant posts.
  11. Finalization of seniority list of different cadres of Telecom/Fin/Civil/Elect streams
  12. Promotion and pay scale issues of Official language cadres
09-01-16 GS MTNL MEA wrote to CMD MTNL for early regular promotion of JAOs of Recruitment year 2008.   Please click the link for the letter... <letter>

3rd PRC report and its implementation:

 Com V K Tomar, GS, MEA & President/NCOA, Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA and Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA met Smt Seema Bahuguna, Secretary/DPE and Sri Madhukar Gupta, Addl Secretary/DPE and held discussions on implementation of 3rd PRC report. Secretary/DPE informed that the report is under consideration of the Govt for implementation and the processing may complete in 4 to 5 months time.

NCOA trying to meet Hon Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Finance Secretary etc to expedite the implementation.

It is gathered that the 3rd PRC recommended better fitment than the 7th CPC and it will be about 20%.

On PRP, PRC recommended to remove the Bell curve. More PRP recommended for middle level Executives and unit wise PRP also recommended.


03-01-2017 CGHS Medical facility to combined pensioners of MTNL


Congratulations to all the Combined pensioners of MTNL for settlement of the long awaited issue of extending the CGHS Medical facility.


The combined Pension retirees are required to visit  Medical section ( Above CTO Canteen, Eastern Court) with necessary Documents & CGHS office at R K Puram for completing the procedure, then with Prescribed form ( attached below)  the CGHS card will be issued.   .........      CGHS_Form

01-01-2017 Meeting with GM(HR)---GS along with Jt Secretary Shri Sunil Sonkar met GM(HR) on 30-12-16 and discussed following points
  1. Promoting left out AMs by diverting requisite post of LICE quota to SCF-- She informed that matter was discussed with CMD, and it was decided that LICE will be conducted in all disciplines to promote left out AMs in Telecom, Fin, HR, Mktg. File has been moved in this regard.
  2. Promotion in Electrical wing---There is seniority fixation issue, some information has been sought from both the units and matter will be decided accordingly.
  3. AO to CAO promotion--file has been moved for approval to call for ACRs and screening report. After getting approval from Dir/CMD, ACRs will be called for for about 10 posts
  4. Mumbai to Delhi request transfer cases of AM/DM---We explained the hardship being faced by the officers who want their posting for Delhi because thier genuine reasons. She was convinced with our plea, but asked us to get this matter further discussed with Dir/CMD. we will discuss with Dir/CMD
  5. Counting trg period for the purpose of drawing increment--We asked her to prepare the board note for board approval to get amendment in RRs as desired by CMD. She informed that RR amendment will be from the prospective date. we have suggested that amendment in RRs is pre-condition to extend the benefit to the already recruited employees, so let RRs be amended and put up the case further for retrospective effect to cover all employees who could not get this benefit because of RR provisions. CMD and Dir HR has already agreed in principal. We will discuss this matter further with CMD shortly.
01-01-2017 GS writes to CMD regarding 75:25 ration in SCF and competitive quota for Sr Manager promotion and fill resultant vacancies. <<letter>>
  [*WOW*]Happy New Year 2017 SMS,Status Greetings
29-12-2016 GS writes to CMD to promote left out AM(T) in the recent promotion orders of DM(T) by diverting requisite number of  DM posts from LICE quota to SCF quota.

<<letter to CMD>>>

27-12-16 Strike notice deferred after the Forum meeting with MTNL Management with CMD firm commitment to get 78.2% approved from DOT---

After  the long drawn protest and strike notice by Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations' indefinite strike notice w,e,f 28th Dec 2016, MTNL Management recommended to the government for extending the benefit of merger of 50% DA effectively amounting to 78.2%  in its meeting on 8th December 2016. But no firm commitment was given by management to get it approved from DOT and implement, so Forum continued with its protest action of work to rule, and mobilized employees and officers through Area general body meetings for indefinite strike w.e.f  28th December to get  our legitimate rights including 78.2% fitment and MTNL Revival/Survival. Various RLC conciliation meetings also held in RLC (Central) , New Delhi office. A big lunch hour central Area meeting was held in Corporate office, which was attended by more than 2000 employees and officers.

MTNL Management called a meeting of Forum representatives at 5 PM on 26th December  which was chaired by CMD Shri P K Purwar, and Dir (HR), GM(HR), ED, Delhi, GM(A) Delhi  and GM(IR) were present from management side.  GS MEA Shri V K Tomar and GS MTNLMS Shri Dharamraj Singh along with other office bearers Shri DPS Chaudhary AGS, Shri Sunil Kumar, CS Shri Subhash Gupta, Ex President MTNLMS attended the meeting. All India General Secretary, BMS, Shri Virjesh Upadhyay was also present in the meeting.

CMD explained that board recommendation has been sent to DOT, so there is no need to go ahead with strike. But GS, MEA & GS MTNLMS strongly raised that merely recommending to DOT and seeking financial support does not confirm the settlement of issue and wanted firm commitment from management that issue will be resolved in a stipulated time. CMD firmly assured that MTNL management will strongly pursue in DOT and get the approval to implement 78.2% fitment at the earliest and also assured that other issues will be discussed and resolved amicably in near future. He also agreed to to involve the Association and Union in the discussion and decisions to revive MTNL. After one week, a Joint meeting of Management and union/Association will be called to discuss the revival plan and improvement of services. At last CMD assured in writing that Management will pursue in DOT and appealed to withdraw the strike notice.

In view of firm commitment and positive approach of Managment to resolve 78.2% fitment and other issues, and also due participation of Association/Union in the process of MTNL revival, Forum has decided to defer the protest action of strike notice.

Congratulations and thanks to all office bearers and employees and officers for making all programmes a grand success. Keep it up

<<<CMD appeal>>

25-12-2016 Well organized Forum meetings are being organized in different areas to mobilize the employees for a long drawn struggle in support of our long pending demands and MTNL survival.

Nehru Place Area meeting was held on 20th Dec which was attended by arround 800 employees and officers. TY area meeting was held on 21st December which was attended by about 700 employees and officers, RG area meeting was held on 22nd Dec, which was attended by more than 1000 employees and officers. Rohini Area meeting was held on 23rd Dec, which was attended by about 700 employees and officers. BCP area meeting was held on 24th Dec, which was attended by about 600 employees and officers. Meeting in Corporate Office will held on 26th December at 12.30 PM. All meeting are being addressed by Sh V K Tomar Chairman Forum & GS/MEA, Shri Dharamraj Singh, Convener Forum & GS/ MTNL MS, Cicle Secretary, Sh Sunil Kr & Area Secretaries of MEA and other office bearers of MTNL Mazdoor Sangh.

25-12-16 conciliation meeting of forum of MTNL Unions and Association with MTNL management was held in RLC office on 23rd December. In the meeting GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar, GS MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh, GM(IR) Shri D N Mishra,  Dy Secretary along with two other DOT officers  & GM(A),Shri R M Tiwari were present. RLC has sought certain information from MTNL management and DOT . Conciliation will continue on 26th December at 3 PM
25-12-16 National General Council  meeting of NCOA & Joint Convention of NCOA and CPSU Trade Unions in Cochin, Kerla---Joint Convention of NCOA & CPSU Trade Unions was held on 17th December 2016 in FACT Club, Cochin Kerla on the topic of Save PSUs, which was addressed by trade union leaders of different central trade unions and MPs of different political parties. Shri V K Tomar GS/MEA & President NCOA Presided the convention.

National General Council meeting was held on 18th Dec 2016 in IMA hall Cochin, in which detailed discussion on 3rd PRC & Save PSUs was held and resolutions were adopted.  

23-12-16 In continuation to the area-wise mobilization meetings of forum of MTNL Non-Executive & Executives, Yesterday on dated 22 Dec, 2016 meeting took place at Rajouri Garden. GS MTNL Mazdoor sangh Sh Dharm Raj & GS MTNL Executives Association Sh V K Tomar addressed the gathering of 1000 persons & apprised them with happenings. Regarding 78.2% fitment issue they mobilized them for ongoing agitation & forthcoming strike.  <<<< photos >>>>
20-12-16 Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

After our long persuasion MTNL Co issued regular promotion orders for 439 officers from AM(T) to DM(T). We congratulates all the promoted executives.

<<<<click for order >>>>

17-12-16 THE WORK TO RULE & STRIKE PROGRAMME as given by Forum of MTNL Union and Associations has not been withdrawn. Now It has been decided to expedite the WORK ACCORDING TO RULE to create pressure on management for early clearance of 78.2 % fitment file for implementation.
17-12-16 ED MTNL-ND office has issued two lists of Time Bound promotion --

(a)  E4 to E5 --- please click following link for order  <<Order>>

(b) E5 to E6 --- please click following link for order   <<Order>>

15-12-16 Regarding AM(T) to DM(T) regular promotion orders---All formalities have been cleared and CMD approval is expected in a day or two. So, orders can be expected in a  day or two.

There are other pending issues.. get ready for organizational protest in case management does not take them seriously for early settlement in a week or two.

15-12-16 SNEA(I) emerged as the largest single Officers Association of BSNL in first Membership verification. BSNL has granted SNEA the status of recognized Majority Association of BSNL Officers. We congratulate to the SNEA leadership, Shri K Sabestine, Shri A A Khan Shri G L Jogi and all office bearers along with rank and file of SNEA for this great victory.
15-12-16 Meeting with Addl Secretary DPE & Member Secretary 3rd PRC---GS, MEA/ President NCOA Sh V K Tomar along with GS SNEA, Shr K Sabestine met AS/ DPE today and discussed about PRC report. He informed that report has been submitted and will be announced officially shortly.
15-12-2016 Meeting with RLC ( Central) New Delhi---A meeting of Representatives of  Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations & representatives of MTNL and DOT was held with RLC (Central ) New Delhi  on 14th December in respect of strike notice by forum. after a detailed discussion, RLC advised Managment representative to discuss the issue at apex level in order to implement 78.2% fitment and revision of perks and allowances with in a week time and report back so that necessary steps may be initiated at the level of his office. Meeting with attended by GS, MEA & GS MTNL Mazdoor Sangh from Forum side.

<<< letter of discussion with RLC>>

09-12-16 CMD MTNL written letter to GS, MEA Com V K Tomar to withdraw the proposed trade union action regarding 78.2% fitment as MTNL Board has approved the same. <<<< letter >>>>



03-12-16 Work according to rule programme deferred till 09-12-2016---In view of appeal made by CMD and impending board meeting scheduled on 08-12-16 to deliberate and send board approval in respect of 78.2% to DOT, Forum has defered Work to rule Programme Scheduled w.e.f 5-12-16 till 9-12-16. Rest of the programme will remain the same as per strike notice.

<<cmd appeal>>                             <<deferment letter>>

30-11-16 Meeting with Dir (HR)--- GS along with Jt Secretary Shri Sunil Sonkar met Dir (HR) on 28th Nov,16 and had discussion on following issues
  1. Promotion orders from AM (T) to Dy Manager (T) : requested for early orders by including all AMs whose DPC has been conducted
  2. Counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment: at present case is in process for amendment in RRs but how to include the existing direct recruited employees for extending this benefit is further to be discussed with CMD
  3. Mumbai to Delhi transfer cases: we have requested him to consider the pending requests now with the joining of new batch. He informed that out of 60 selected AM(T), only 17 have joined in CETTM ,but assured to look into the request cases.
  4. JAO seniority case--Issue was discussed but needs further discussion.


CEC meeting of Delhi Unit is convened on dated 2nd December 2016 at 2 PM in Room No. 555, Kidwai Bhawan. All CHQ/Circle/Area/Divisional Office Bearers of MTNL Delhi are requested to ensure their participation.

23-11-16 Meeting with Secretary (DOT) & Chairman, Telecom Commission on MTNL revival--GS, Shri V K Tomar along with AGS, Shri Sanjai Kumar, CS, Delhi, Shri Sunil Kumar & CT Shri Satyavir Singh met Secretary, DOT, Shri J S Deepak on 22-11-16 and discussed the MTNL Revival issue in detail. Association stressed on MTNL & BSNL merger. Secretary also agreed that merger is the only permanent solution of  MTNL revival and survival, but there are certain issues which need to be addressed before merger and it will take some time. GS asked him that till merger takes place, there is need to focus on certain issues to improve the financial condition of the MTNL and also made clear that employees are not responsible for today's condition of MTNL. Association stressed that first thing which is important for MTNL revival is regular CMD and proper coordination and trust amongst board of Directors, and also employees satisfaction, which is missing in MTNL.  And 2nd thing is the funds for expansion, up gradation and maintenance of services. Focus of the discussion was on these issues and Secretary said that chances are very rare that govt will provide financial support and funds will have to be generated by MTNL itself. He said that he wanted to reduce staff cost through VRS, but govt is not agreeing to give financial support in this respect. He said still he is making efforts to see that VRS is agreed by govt with financial support. He said assets monetization and converting short term loans into long term loans is being seen as  viable solution for funds generation and all efforts are being made in this direction. He said MTNL revival is the Top priority of DOT now a days. Association informed and assured him that employees and officers are doing their level best and ready to go to any extent to ensure the MTNL revival.  Association submitted to him a detailed MTNL revival plan which was shared by Dir (HR & EB) with the Association on the issues which were raised by Association time and again before MTNL management, DOT and Minister of communications..

<<< Revival plan submitted to Secretary>>> 

20-11-16 AM(T) to DM(T) DPC for regular promotion conducted yesterday and case put up for CMD approval for issuing promotion orders. Promotion orders are expected next week.
20-11-16 Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations served strike notice against the breach of trust by Management to resolve the issues raised by Forum.

Trade Union programmes

Work to Rule---w.e f  5th December 2016

Indefinite Strike---w.e.f--28th December 2016 


1-        78.2% fitment w.e.f 01-01-2007

2--        Revision of perks & Allowances and removing capping

3--        Post retirement Medical issues

4--       Counting casual service for pension

All employees and Officers are appealed to make Forum programmes a grand success for our legitimate rights and MTNL revival. Management is not serious on MTNL revival also. They are discussing revival issue for many years but no action.


18-11-16 Meeting with CMD---GS Com V K  Tomar & AGS Com D P S Chaudhary along with GS, MTNL Mazdoor Sangh Com Dharamraj Singh & President Com Mahavir Singh met CMD yesterday and expressed unhappiness over the way management failed to keep its promise to get 78.2% fitment issue approved in board meeting. CMD explained the details of the  discussion  of the board meeting regarding  78.2% fitment issue and its deferment for next meeting. A detailed discussion was held and CMD was informed categorically that Forum will not leave this issue and  go to any extent to get employees legitimate rights. Today, Forum meeting will be held at 2PM to decide line of action.
18-11-16 Yesterday, We had discussion with GM(HR) regarding pending DPC for AM(T) to DM(T) promotion. She assured that DPC will again meet today, 18-11-16 and efforts will be made to complete it.
16-11-16  Once again MTNL management  shows its unconcerned approach towards MTNL and its Employees.

MTNL board meeting was held yesterday 15-11-16, in which 78.2% fitment and M/S delloittee report on revival were the agenda point, but unconcerned management did not take any decision on these issues and deferred for next meeting. Get ready to fight to ensure MTNL revival and 78.2% fitment. We have failed to understand that what is the agenda of management, whether they really want MTNL to be revived ?. We neither see any action of the Management to improve MTNL services and its revenue, neither for employees satisfaction and motivation which is the key of revival of any company. 

15-11-16 GS writes to CMD regarding regularization of officiating promotion in the AM(Fin) cadre who are officiating in this cadre for last 12 years. <<letter>>
15-11-16 AM(T) to DM(T) DPC for regular promotion is scheduled to be held on tomorrow i.e 16-11-16

Meeting on MTNL Revival with MTNL Management--Meeting was held in committee room, Corporate Office on 11-11-2016. Meeting was chaired by Director (HR), other officers present in the meeting were, Director (Tech), Shri Sanjeev Kumar, GM(HR-I), GM(HR-II), GM(NB), GM(Fin) CO,EDDelhi, CGM(WS), PGM(D),GM(A), GM(IR), ED Mumbai along with other officers of Mumbai Unit and Executive Associations representatives of Mumbai were on video conferencing. GS, Sh V K Tomar along with Shri Praveen Passi, CHQ Vice President, Shri P K Gupta, CHQ Vice President, Shri D P S Chaudhary, AGS & Shri Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi attended meeting along with representatives of other Associations.  Shri P N Vasene CHQ President & Shri G P Yadav Circle Secretary Mumbai along with other office bearers were on video conferencing.

M/S Delloitte, a consultant appointed by MTNL management , submitted its report which  was taken for discussion. The basic salient point in the report was basically on as to how to revive the MTNL both operationally and financially. The time line suggested in the report for revival of MTNL was given to be in year 2024, which is not an acceptable preposition and Association asked to keep time line for 2 to 3 years.

The thrust was on reducing the retirement age to 58 years, so as to reduce the staff cost. In turn MEA suggested that instead of reducing the retirement age, emphasis should be on revenue growth by optimum utilization of manpower. As such, therefore, MEA along with other Associations categorically rejected the suggestion of reducing the age to 58 years in the report by M/S Delloitte but did not oppose the VRS proposal of management to reduce staff cost. ( if size of the shoe is short, you can not cut the foot to get fit in it, rather size of shoe is to be increased to get foot fit in it. Therefore revenue is to be increased to reduce staff cost)

Association also raised that the Delloitte report failed in fully appreciating the need of HR issues and staff satisfaction without which revival of MTNL shall be a distant dream. GS also raised certain issues to draw the attention on how management's negative  approach towards HR issues is demoralizing the officers, and asked to resolve pending HR issues to prepare and motivate officers to get MTNL revived.

GS also raised that reducing staff cost alone cannot work in revival of MTNL until and unless revenue is increased. We have seen that even after offloading the pension liability, MTNL financial condition has not improved, because our focus was on reducing expenditure not on increasing revenue.  Now time is to act on the revival plan aggressively with the focus on certain points like.

1.      Staff satisfaction/ HR issues

2.      Equity infusion by govt

3.     Land monetization to generate funds for expansion, up gradation & maintenance of network

4.      Participation in New govt projects like Digital India, smart city, cloud computing etc

5.      Exploration of new resources for more revenue generation

6.      Refund of Rs 2500/ crore of interest on BWA spectrum charges and other dues towards DOT

7.       Focus on high speed wired broadband ( Copper, FTTH and wi Fi)

8.      Partnership Model

Association assured full support and cooperation  in management’s endeavors to improve financial and operational condition of MTNL to get it revived in next 2 to 3 years and said that we have talked much and prepared revival plan, now action is required. In the absence of early action by management on revival plan, Association will launch protest action to save MTNL.  

Delloitte report on MTNL revival will be placed in board meeting on 15th November. Management has asked our comments in writing on this report.

<<our comments to managment)>>


08-11-16 MTNL management has called a meeting of all concerned persons to discuss revival plan on 11th November 2016. Please give your valuable suggestions on revival of MTNL before 11th November on General Secretary's mail ( gsmtnlea@yahoo.com) or whatsapp on GS's mobile.  The request letter from MTNL management is attached as follows .... <letter>.
06-11-16 DPC for regular Promotion to the Grade of Dy Manager (Telecom)---DPC again met on 04-11-2016 and on further examining the consolidated screening report prepared on the basis of screening reports provided by the units, committee directed

1--To provide CR/APAR grading  of 37 officers whose Crs are missing/ not available

2-re-examining the case of two officers of Delhi unit who were not eligible for promotion but included in screening report

3--Present status of below bench mark cases

Above information are to be provided latest by 8th November 2016 as the DPC will meet again on 10-11-2016

All Circle Secretaries/ Area Secretaries and concerned officers are requested to pursue the cases to ensure that report is sent to Corporate Office latest by 8th Nov 2016, so that DPC can be completed on 10th Nov 2016

<<<CO letter>>


03-11-16 Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 15th November 2016. 78.2% fitment is agenda point in this meeting.
03-11-2016 GS writes to CMD regarding pending HR issues. <<<letter>>
02-611-201 GS had a discussion with DDG (Estt) DOT regarding enhancement of gratuity for MTNL retired employees from ten lakh to twenty lakh w.e.f 1-1-2016 at par with central govt employees on the ground that gratuity and pension to MTNL absorbed employees is paid by govt. He informed that case has been processed to decide the date of effect of enhancement of gratuity in MTNL and BSNL. It is under consideration of DOT finance. 
02-11-2016 DPCs update in different cadres--
  • AM(T) to DM(T)--DPC process has completed and chairman DPC has to sign in day or so
  • CO has started preparatory work to call for ACR and screening report for CAO regular promotion
  • DM(Elec) to SM(Elect)--Screening reports are awaited from Delhi and Mumbai units
  • AM(Elect) to DM(Elect)---in the absence of seniority list of AM(Elec), promotion from AM(Elec) to DM(Elec) will be done batch vise after SM promotion orders
  • Association also pursuing for AM(Fin) to DM(Fin) DPC and seniority list finalisation 
28-10-16 Shri P K Purwar, Dir (Fin) and acting CMD, MTNL was recommended for the  regular CMD post of MTNL by search cum selection committee headed by Chairman PSEB on 25th Oct 2016.

GS along with AGS Shri DP S Chaudhary, Jt Secy, Shri R S Maan,   CHQ,ACT Shri Arun Dixit, CT Shri Satyavir Singh  and ACS Shri Rajkumar Sharma met  CMD on 27th Oct  and congratulated him for selection for   regular CMD MTNL  and assured full support and co operation  in his endeavors to improve MTNL services and its revival. A detailed discussion was held on how to improve the MTNL services . He said that financial revival of the company depends on govt policies and financial support but operational revival largely depends on employees and management and emphasized that employees and management will have to work together for operational revival of the company by improving its services. Association  hopes for the best and looking forward the initiatives of the management to  prepare common agenda of Managment and Associations/Unions and work on them to revive MTNL at the earliest. Association also asked him to hold the board meeting at the earliest to decide the 78.2% fitment as assured by him to hold board meeting in a months time.


 , 28.10.16

 Various Media News : -


1. Govt. is to sell its entire stake in seven loss-making entities -- Scooters India, Bridge & Roof Company India Ltd, Project & Development India Ltd, Pawan Hans Ltd, Bharat Pumps &Compressors Ltd, Central Electronics Ltd and Hindustan Prefab Ltd. 

Three companies — Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation Ltd, National Project Construction Corporation Ltd, and Engineering Project (India) Ltd — will be merged with similarly placed central public sector companies. 
For details please click the link ......   <NeWS>




3.   MTNL to upgrade its broadband services by leveraging private firms....  Click the link for details ...<link>

View Media Report:


View Media Reports:
20-10-16 GS discussed with CMD  regarding calling board meeting and getting 78.2% fitment approved in it as assured by him to Forum of MTNL Unions and Association last month. CMD told that board meeting will be held after Deepawali because consent has not been recieved from all board of director for holding board meeting before Deepawali. GS also asked him to take the case of counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment as assured by him. He said that he will get the status of the issue and decided accordingly. For other issues like 75:25 quota in STS cadre and formation of 30% corpus for post retirement benefits to MTNL recruited employees, meeting will be held after 26th Oct..
15-10-16 Meeting with ED Delhi---GS, CS, AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary and CT Shri Satyavir Singh met ED Delhi and discussed various issues related to the improvement of services and new sources of revenue generation. Association also asked him to issue the local promotion orders in the cadre of DGM(T) because there is requirement of DGMs in many areas. He has assured to issue local promotion orders.
  AM(T) to DM(T) DPC is likely to be held  in a day or so
05-10-16 GS writes to CMD MTNL- regarding 30% Corpus for Superannuation Benefits for MTNL recruited Employees ( this is being requested in the light of approval of  increase of Corpus by BSNL management)........... Click the link for viewing the letter .. <letter>
05-10-16 Meeting with Joint Secretary (A), DOT--GS along with AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary & ACT Shri Arun Dixit met Jt Secretary, DOT Shri Amit Yadav ( Govt nominee Director on MTNL board) on 4-10-16 and discussed the  MTNL revival issue in detail. Association gave him various suggestions regarding MTNL revival and survival including, govt financial support, merger of MTNL and BSNL, and also stressed on selection of regular CMD in MTNL at the earliest. Association strongly conveyed that employees are ready to go to any extant to get MTNL revived and survived and assured total support and cooperation of officers/ employees to the DOT and MTNL management to get MTNL revived and survived.  The issue of 78.2% fitment was also discussed in detail and Association requested him to take appropriate decision in next board meeting to get 78.2% fitment in MTNL. He was very cordial and positive in the discussion on all the issues and also gave suggestions to the Association regarding MTNL revival guided how important role Association can play in the MTNL revival.  
04-10-16 Sh. N.K. Joshi has been given the additional charge of ED Delhi.  The letter is attached for reference please....... <order>
04-10-16 MTNL on the path of revival:

The new batch of JTO (Telecom and Electrical) will join MTNL at CETTM, Mumbai on 07/11/2016. MTNL Executive's Association welcomes all the newly recruited Executives.     <<<< click for list >>>>

03-10-16 View Media Reports: MTNL/BSNL to provide Wifi services in 100 tourist places...........  <news clip>
View Media Reports:
28-09-16 MTNL Delhi launched My Wi Fi services By Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi Honbl'e MP at MTNL Auditorium, CGO, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.  

Initially the service is being launched in the three market areas of South Delhi, viz.,

1. Green Park market
2. Hauz Khas Village 
3. Aurobindo market



MTNL's FREE WI-FI Plan allows customer to enjoy Free Wi-Fi Services for 30 Minutes.

During the free period MTNL will show two advertisements each of 15 seconds duration. 

This scheme is being launched as promotional offer for one month which is extendable up to three months.

Prepaid Vouchers

Paid access by purchase of physical vouchers or by making online payment through credit card, debit card and net banking.

<<<< click for photos >>>>


 Increment of Training Period  

Please find the attached letter ( issued in year 1990) containing the instructions for counting of Training period for the purpose of Increment. Those senior persons are who not availed the facility please avail it using this letter.

Association is also talking to MTNL CO for extending this letter for MTNL recruited Officers.

   Please click the link for oepning the letter......<<link>>

26-09-16 Congratulation !   Congratulation !    Congratulation !

After our long persuasion MTNL CO has issued the promotion orders from AM(marketing) to DM(marketing) on regular basis. <<<< order >>>>

26-09-16 On the Occasion of  World Heart Day ... A Health Camp & Blood Donation Camp is being organized  on 29 September 10 am to 4 pm.in the premises of K.L. Bhawan. Please participate in this noble cause.  click the link for details ......<<link>>
25-09-2016 Meeting of Forum of Unions and Associations with MTNL management under the  Chairmanship of CMD Shri P K Purwar----

MTNL management called the meeting of Forum of Unions and Associations on 24-09-16 in committee room, corporate Office, CGO  to discuss various issues raised by forum through industrial action programme. Meeting was chaired by CMD, Shri P K Purwar and Dir (HR), Dir (Tech), ED Delhi, GM(HR), GM(A) Delhi, GM(IR) Delhi and PGM(O), PGM(D), PGM(WS) were present in the meeting. GS, MEA along with other office bearers & GS, MTNL MS along with other office bearers were present from Forum side. ED, Mumbai and other officers of Mumbai Unit and from Mumbai recognized Union , Shri Dilip Jadhav along with other office bearers of Union and Association and from MEA Mumbai circle, Shri P N Vasane, CHQ President & Shri G P Yadav Circle Secretary along with other office bearers were on video conferencing.

A detailed discussion was held on MTNL revival and 78.2% fitment and other issues raised in protest action notice. Dir (HR) briefed the steps taken by management in this direction and CMD read the board note which has been submitted to board for consideration in which DOT financial support has been sought. Forum made it clear that it may be their internal matter how to arrange the funds but forum is concerned only to get legitimate right of 78.2% fitment for MTNL employees. CMD assured that board approval will be conveyed in a months time to DOT and appealed to defer 27th Sep demonstration/rally programme.

Keeping in view the assurance and appeal of CMD that board approval will be conveyed to DOT in months time. Forum has decided to defer 27th Demonstration /rally at corporate office. This deferment is merely to give time to management to act on the assurance with the hope that positive actions will be taken to implement 78.2% and MTNL revival. Our struggle will continue to ensure implementation of 78.2% fitment and MTNL revival.  Get ready for more intensified struggle in case management fails to implement 78.2% fitment after board meeting.

Unions and Associations in Delhi & Mumbai can decide to convey the discussion of 24th Sep meeting and to prepare membership for future struggle according in their own way.

<<Meeting Invitation letter  from MTNL>>

<<<CMD appeal>>

<<Deferment of  Industrial Action Plan.>>

23-09-16 Reach corporate office on 27th Sep for massive demonstration at lunch hour for our legitimate rights of 78.2% fitment, defreezing capping on perks  and other demand including MTNL revival. We appeal all employees and officers to reach in 100% strentgh
23-09-16 Meeting with GM(HR)--- GS along with AGS Sh Chaudhary & Jt secretary Sh Maan met GM(HR) and discussed various issues.

1--AM(T) to DM(T)--- She informed that approval of CMD has been received to add 263 vacancies of SDE ( vacated after DE regular promotion) in this AM(T) to DM(T) DPC and which will be conducted shortly.

2--AM(E) seniority list and regular DPC for promotion to DM(E)-- Association has given inputs to prepare seniority list at the earliest and hold DPC. She assured early action.

3--AM(Fin) to DM(Fin)--No of vacancies in DM(Fin) will be accessed and than according to new RRs(1/3 rd competitive quota and 2/3rd SFQ)  promotions will be given. She informed that a case to conduct LICE in all disciplines from E2 to E3 is in process.

4--Counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment--She informed that file is in process to get the approval of Directors for taking the case in board of directors meeting. After their approval board note will be prepared and than put up in board meeting.

23-09-16 Congratulations!

 Corporate Office issued regular promotion orders from  AM(Mktg) to DM(Mktg)  <<<orders>>>

22-09-16 ED Delhi office issued order regarding allotment of tentative vacant Type V quarters of Delhi.  <<<< click for order >>>>           <<<corrigendum>>>
21-09-16 A historic dharna was organised in MTNL Delhi and Mumbai under the banner of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations for MTNL revival and 78.2% fitment in which more than fifteen thousand(15000) employees and officers participated. I along with Shri Virjesh Upadhyay, National General Secretary BMS and Shri Dharamraj Singh, GS, MTNLMS and other speakers addressed the dharana at MTNL Corporate Office. In Mumbai Dharna was addressed by Shri G P Yadav, CS, MEA along with Shri Arvind Sawant MP, Shri Dalip Jadhav, GS MTNL KS and other speakers. Thanks to all for making programme a grand success.

 Images of yesterday's dharna
                    At CGO Delhi                   At Mumbai


21-09-16 News Paper Coverage of  Yesterday's Dharna at MTNL CO CGO.    Navbharat.times.......<link>
21-09-16 News Item : Huge Staff Cost ails MTNL & BSNL.  Please click the news Item link ............ <news_link>
18-09-16              Come on-- fight for our rights and MTNL revival

All MTNL officers upto GM level and employees are requested to participate in full strength on 2oth September Dharna and lunch hour demonstration for our rights and MTNL revival. In Delhi, Dharana and demonstration will be at Corporate Office and in Mumbai at Telephone house Prabha devi.

Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.

19-09-16 General Secretary NCOA writes letter to CEO NITI Ayog for meeting on the issue of closure and dis-investment of 74 Sick PSUs. <<<<clcik for letter >>>>
18-09-16 GS met Director (HR) on 17-06-16 and  discussed following points

1--AM(T) to DM(T) regular DPC--GS requested him to get the process expedited so that promotion orders can be issued at the earliest. he assured to expedite the process.

2--Counting training period for the purpose of drawing increment--He informed that board not in this respect could not put up in the recently held meeting but will be put up in next meeting.

3--JAO to AO regular DPC---He assured necessary action in this issue.

16-09-16 Status of AM(T) to DM(T) regular promotion---Screening reports and fresh Vig clearance from both units have been received in CO. At the time of calling ACRs, the total notified vacancies of SDEs for this DPC were 412 but afterward 247 SDE were promoted on regular basis to DE post that is why additional 247 posts have fallen vacant which are to be included in already notified posts for this DPC. HR wing sent this proposal to CMD for adding these 247 posts. Fin wing raised some queries on this proposal. Now HR wing is replying these queries. GS has discussed with GM(Fin) CO and explained whole issue. He has assured to clear the proposal.
16-09-16 CEC Meeting of Delhi Circle---Delhi Circle CEC was held on 15th Sep in room no 555 Kidwai Bhawan which was resided over by Shri Parmil Gupta, CHQ Vice President. Large number of office bearers attended this meeting. Revival of MTNL and 78.2% fitment issues were discussed in length. CS Delhi Sh Sunil Kumar asked all office bearers to make 2oth  Sep  dharana programme a grand success and formed area wise coordination teams to mobilize and bring 100% officers at Corporate office at sharp 10 AM. GS Shri V K Tomar elaborately explained the meeting discussion with MTNL management on 78.2% and deferment of 78.2%  agenda in 13th Sep board meeting and unconcerned attitude of CMD MTNL on these issues .  GS also explained how govt is unwilling to financial support MTNL for its revival and negative approach of PMO on MTNL revival issue. He stressed that now only option is to strongly fight for MTNL revival and 78.2% with full strength and urged CEC to ensure 100% participation in 20th Sep Dharna programme by taking CL (casual leave on that day) .

CEC has decided that all officers will participate in dharana on 20th September by taking casual leave. Make sure 100% participation in DHARANA at CORPORATE OFFICE at SHARP 10 AM on 20th September.



It is requested to all Executives to please open your tweeter account and tweet to @PMOIndia @manojsinhabjp #savemtnl and other government officials, ministers, MPs. But do not do tweet to opposition parties and media, do not criticize anybody either govt or management, no negative tweets, only demand from government for revival and survival of MTNL. Please give your inputs how to improve services of MTNL, show positive impression and strength of MTNL.

Timing: In morning before 10 AM, In lunch hour 1 PM to 2 PM, In evening after 6 PM. more tweets may be in lunch hour.

Please make new tweets from yourself. Retweet of other's tweets. #savemtnl must be common in all your tweets.

<<<< how to open tweeter acct>>>>       <<<< how to tweet >>>>



MTNL posts Rs 718 crore loss for Apr-Jun 2016 quarter.               Please click the link for new Item ....... <news_link>

15-09-16 The 2009 Batch AM (Telecom) seniority is attached . Please click the following link ........ <file>
15-09-16 MTNL Board meeting was held on 13th Sep 16, in which issue 0f 78.2% fitment was put up but was not discussed on the pretext that Jt secretary DOT ( Govt nominated Director) was not present in the meeting and differed for next meeting. Management intention does not appear positive on this issue, so make all preparation for intensified struggle and make all coming programmes a grand success. Come on to fight to get MTNL revived and legitimate right of 78.2% fitment.
12-09-16 MTNL Corporate Office issues AM (HR) to DM (HR) promotion  orders of 11 Executives. Congratulations to all promoted Officers.........Please click the link for order   ....... <letter>
12-09-16 MTNL Executive Association has convened a CEC meeting on 15 September 2016 at 2 PM at Room No.555. All the Delhi based CHQ Office Bearers, Delhi Circle Office Bearers, Area Secretaries & Div. Secretaries are kindly requested to attend the same by reaching before time.   
09-09-16 Today we have started a campaign through twitter to #savemtnl which comes at top 25 ranking. MoC Sh Manoj Sinha made a statement :

 " We have plan for revival of MTNL: Manoj Sinha, MoS Telecom - See more at:

07-09-16 MTNL Corporate Office issues Regular Promotion orders of 5 Officers to the Cadre of DGM (telecom). Please click the link for attachment ..... <list>
07-09-16 Meeting of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations with MTNL Management---Meeting was conducted yesterday in 5th floor committee room Door Sanchar Sadan, CGO. From management side, Dir (HR), GM(HR), ED, Delhi, GM(A) Delhi, GM(IR) Delhi were present and ED, Mumbai, GM(A) Mumbai & other officers were on video conferencing. From Unions and Association Side,  GS of both recognized Unions along with other office bearers, MEA/OA GS along with other office bearers attended the meeting. From MEA side, GS Sh V K Tomar, CHQ President Shri P N Vasane and both Circle Secretaries of Mumbai and Delhi, Shri G P Yadav and Shri Sunil Kumar attended meeting.

Dir (HR) briefed about the financial condition of the MTNL and that the Govt view seems  that no govt support will be provided to revive MTNL but MTNL itself will have to stand its own. Than a detailed discussion was held that how govt policies made MTNL loss making and how MTNL management has failed to take company forward because of their wrong and delayed decisions, discrimination  & ignorance towards staff. It was strongly stressed that with out staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction and revenue generation is not possible. It was also made clear that our struggle is not for any new demand but for getting our legitimate rights which has been ordered by the govt and similar benefits have been granted to one section of the employees/officers working in MTNL.

After detailed discussion, DIr (HR) informed that the issue of 78.2% fitment will be taken for discussion in board meeting scheduled on 13th September and appealed to with draw the protest action. It was made clear that hollow appeal is not going to work, our protest will continue till the settlement of the issues.

All are requested to make full preparations for coming protest action programmes. our struggle will continue

05-09-16 Consequent upon Trade Union Notice to CMD, MTNL by Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations (MTNLEA & recognized Unions of Delhi/Mumbai) & subsequent trade union programmes CMD MTNL has invited GS MTNLEA & GS MTNL MS for a meeting.  The letter is attached as follows ............. <letter>
02-09-16 DOT issues order and pay scale mapping for CGHS facility extension to the retired employees of BSNL/MTN.  MTNL endorsed this order.

<<<< DOT order >>>>                  <<<< MTNL order >>>>

31-08-16 Marvelous protest Demonstration at all GM offices

30th August demonstration was very very successful and grand with maximum participation of officers and employees in Delhi & Mumbai in front of GM offices. In Delhi, GM (central) office programme was staged in CGO, Corporate Office building where more than 2000 employees and officers participated. CO programme was addressed by GS, MEA/ Chairman Forum, Com V K Tomar & GS, MTNL MS/ Convener Forum Com Dharamraj Singh and other Circle and CHQ office bearers of MEA and MTNLMS and other constituents of Forum. speakers elaborated the legitimacy of the issues raised by Forum and casual approach of the management to recognize and settle the  issues raised by Forum. It was also elaborated how Govt policies and management decisions and inefficiency ruined the company. It was made clear that if the 78.2% fitment and other issues are not resolved by the management, than protest action will be intensified further and if required forum may go on strike to achieve legitimate rights of the employees and to ensure the revival and survival of the company. It was stressed that this struggle is not merely for 78.2% but also against govt policies and inefficient management who has never aggressively made efforts to revive MTNL by taking Associations and unions as major stake holders in policy decisions.

All employees are appealed to reach in 100% strength in corporate office for day long dharana and lunch hour demonstration on 20th September. 

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

<< some photos of demo programmes>>

29-08-16 Lunch hour demonstration on 30th august on all GM offices--

Come on Come on.....

Make 30th lunch hour demonstration  of Forum of Unions and Associations in Delhi & Mumbai a grand success by participating in 100% strength. Comrades its a struggle for our legitimate rights and revival and survival of MTNL  by getting the long pending legitimate rights of employees which have been denied by Management on one reason or other .  There is lot of dissatisfaction and resentment amongst employees and officers because of unconcerned management who is holding employees responsible for today's dwindling financial condition of MTNL and depriving them from their rights and benefits while fact is that MTNL went in losses because of Govt/ management policies and decisions. It is the time to arouse management and Govt for  our legitimate right of 78.2% fitment/ perks and MTNL revival & survival.

Officers of  Non Area GM units will participate in the demonstration in Door sanchar Sadan, CGO infront of GM(central ) office. ( CO building). Come on in full strength to raise your voice  against injustice and indiscrimination.

29-08-16 Meeting with delloitte consultant---GS along with CS Delhi and Jt Secretaries Shri R S Maan & Sh Sunil Sonkar met representatives of Delloitte Consultant, which has been hired by MTNL management to suggest the revival plan of MTNL, and gave feedback on  various HR and Technical issues which are to be addressed by MTNL management for MTNL revival.
29-08-16 Meeting with Director (Tech)--- GS along with AGS & CS met Dir (T)  on 26th August and had detailed discussion on improvement of services and revival plan of MTNL as well as the. Issues related to the expansion of WS network and the move to hand over the WS service to BSNL after the expansion of WS network. Association has clearly informed him the such move will be opposed by Association.
27-08-16 AM(T) to DM(T) DPC---Vig Clearance has expired, so fresh VC has been called for from Delhi and Mumbai Units and to increase number of SDE posts for this DPC by adding 247 posts vacated after regular promotion in DE cadre, case has been sent for the approval of competent authority. 

AM(HR/Mktg..) to DM(HR/Mktg) Promotions---Case has been sent to competant authority for approval of  DM posts in these cadres

23-08-16 A Grand success demonstration programme in all MTNL buildings in Delhi & Mumbai.

Congratulations to all for making programme a grand success.....

Today's demonstration programme of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations was very very grand and successful in which all officers and employees participated. There was great enthusiasm amongst employees to achieve their legitimate rights of 78.2% fitment and perks.  

Lunch hour demonstration was staged in all MTNL buildings in Delhi & Mumbai.

At K L Bhawan New Delhi more than 2000 employees and officers turned up from near by buildings,. K L bhawan demonstration was addressed by Com V K Tomar, GS, MEA, Com Dharamraj Singh, GS MTNL MS, Com Pravin Passi, Vice President CHQ & Com Sunil Kumar, CS Delhi.  All speakers stressed that 78.2% fitment is our legitimate right and will fight upto last to achieve it.

All are requested to make 30th August Demonstration programme at all GM offices successful by attending in full strength.

<<<< click for photos at K L bhawan delhi >>>>

<<<< click for photos at different locations >>>>

22-08-19 All employees and officers have to participate in lunch hour demonstration at 12.30 pm sharp. WS & CO staff is also to participate at  K L Bhawan along with head quarter and other non area units in Delhi. Come  in full strength to make programme grand  success in Delhi and Mumbai.

All area officers and employees will hold demonstration at AM offices

Come on...Come on...come on in full strength  23rd  demonstration programme

21-08-16 23rd August Lunch hour demonstration (12.30PM) at all Buildings where Area Managers' offices are situated.

All officers and employees are appealed to participate in full strength to make Forum programme a grand success to achieve our demands of 78.2% fitment and de-freezing capping on perks.

 In Delhi, all officers and employees of K L Bhawan, Kidwai Bhawan, Central Area, ITTM, Transmoission, IT, WS, CO will participate in the Lunch hour demonstration at 12.30 PM sharp at ED Delhi Office K L Bhawan New Delhi.

All Area Secretaries and other office bearers of MEA in Delhi & Mumbai are advised to coordinate with the Area representatives of Non Executive Unions to make programme grand success by ensuring 100% participation of employees and officers of Delhi & Mumbai Unit.   

78.2% fitment is our legitimate right for which we will have to fight with full strength and commitment. Be ready for intensified struggle to make understand management and govt that we are not going to leave our legitimate right.3rd pay revision is due from 1-1-2017 so we will have to fight with tooth and nail to ensure that the 2nd PRC decision of 78.2% fitment and corpus with 30% of pay for post retirement benefits are implemented before 3rd PRC recommendation are implemented. issue of 30% corpus will be included in the other protest action witch may be resorted by MEA in near future for other pending HR issues.




20-08-16 GS nominated Mrs Chanchal Maheshwari, AM(T) as Secretary( women affairs) in MEA CHQ body.

<<<< click for letter >>>>

20-08-16 MTNL CO indorsed DOT order regarding implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation in MTNL for DOT employees.

 <<<< click for order >>>>

20-08-16 Exclusive interview of Honbl'e Minister of Telecom Sh Manoj Sinha with First Post regarding current condition of telecom industry in India and also about MTNL & BSNL:

I am not the minister for just BSNL and MTNL but entire telecom industry. It is my responsibility to ensure consumer satisfaction and protect consumer interests. BSNL and MTNL have a lot of legacy problems. MTNL is worse. More than 70 Per cent of the revenue goes for salaries and pension. Some spectrum which they should not have procured, they had to take out of compulsion of being a government company. MTNL took a big loan whose interest is a burden to pay. Their financial condition kept deteriorating since 2008. In MTNL’s case, we are trying to revive it so that it can stand on its own. I believe that the existence of BSNL and MTNL is required to ensure healthy competition. we are not keeping them alive artificially. Employees of MTNL also realize this. The problem is that the average age of employees in MTNL is 54-55. We have to infuse new blood into the organisation. And we are working on that. Our intention is to make MTNL professionally-run, competent and efficient. <<<< click for full interview >>>>



A Blood donation camp was organized by GM(N) area in sec 3 rohini on 15th August 2016. All north area  executives alongwith CMD MTNL  participated in the programme and donated blood on the occasion of Independence Day. 

<<<< clcik for photos >>>>

Save Public Sector movement:
Huge Parliament March on 09.08.2016 opposing disinvestment, privatization and merger of Banks.
Officers of Nationalised Banks conducted a huge Parliament March with the slogan SAVE PUBLIC SECTOR, SAVE INDIA in the banner of All India Bank Officers Federation (AIBOC) and NCOA. More than 5000 officers/ Executives participated in the March. SNEA, NCOA, MEA and AIPEF extended full support to the agitation and joined the Parliament March in large numbers giving stern warning to the Govt against disinvestment/ privatisation.
Com Havinder singh, Sec Genaral/AIBOC, Com Sudharshan, President/AIBOC, Com Franco/AIBOC, GS/SNEA, GS, MEA & President/NCOA Com V K Tomar, Com Ashok Rao/Patron, NCOA, GS/AIPEF and office bearers of AIBOC addressed the Parliament March. 4 Member of Parliament from different parties also addressed the march and assured to raise the issue in parliament.



10-08-16                   Demand Badge wearing Programme a grand success

More than 95% employees and officers wore demand badge in Delhi and Mumbai. It shows unity and solidarity of employees and officers with this trade union programme for their legitimate rights. It shows that coming programmes are going to be simply marvelous. Now Management should realized the importance of these issues to the employees and decide amicably to avoid industrial unrest in the company. Intensity and impact of this agitation is going to be very high in coming days, which may affect the working of the company. Therefore, we ask the management to decide the issues at the earliest.

We appeal all officers and employees to make coming programmes a grand success by participating in 100% strength. All office bearers of Delhi and Mumbai are requested to co ordinate with union representatives in such a way that 100% employees and Officers turn up for 23rd August Demonstration programme.

Through this Forum, we will have to fight for MTNL revival also. So maintain total Unity and solidarity .

Thanks to all officers and Employees for making demand wearing programme a grand success. Keep it up 


CMD made  appeal to withdraw the  protest action with out any solution of the issues raised by the Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations. So our Protest action will continue  and all employees and officers are requested to make programmes a grand success.  Wear demand badges tommorow.

<<appeal by CMD>>>            <<GS reply to cmd appeal>>       

<<<Dir (HR) mtg letter>>


Delhi Circle CEC Meeting

CEC of Delhi circle was held on 06-08-16 in Room No.-555 Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath New Delhi which was attended by large number of office bearers from every Area and presided over by Shri Praveen Passi, CHQ Vice President. Issues like Preparation of Protest action of Forum, HR Issues organizational matters other issues related to CHQ and Circle were discussed. CS Delhi Com Sunil Kumar and GS Com V K Tomar addressed the CEC meeting, other CHQ and circle Office bearers also spoke on various issues. Main Focus of the CEC was to make protest action programme successful. All office bearers were told to have proper co-ordination with MTNL Mazdoor Sangh Office bearers and make sure that all employees and officers wear demand badge on 9th August and come in all other programmes of Forum protest action for 78.2% fitment and de-freezing 2008 capping on perks. GS elaborately explained issues related to MTNL revival, 3rd Pay Revision Committee, struggle regarding 78.2% fitment and implementation of new pay package w.e.f. 1-1-2017, promotions in different executive cadres etc. The House applauded WS officers for solving the IN problem at Minto Road, WS Unit.

NCOA, Banking sector & Power sector are organizing a Parliament march on 9th August to SAVE PUBLIC SECTOR. So All are requested to participate in this march on 9th August. We will join the march at 10.30 AM sharp at STC red light near Kidwai Bhawan and proceed to Jantar Mantar where a rally will be addressed by trade union leaders. Com Sunil Kumar Circle Secretary will co-ordinate with the Area Secretaries.

06-08-16                Meeting with Director (HR) regarding Protest Action Notice-

-Dir (HR) called Association on 05-08-16 in refrence of  Trade Union Notice by Forum of MTNL Unions and Association regarding 78.2% fitment and de-freezing 2008 capping on perks and allowances. GM(HR-I) and GM(HR-II) were also present.

He tried to explain the inability of the management to implement 78.2% fitment with out govt's financial  support. He said that management has written to DOT to give financial support to implement 78.2%. We have informed him very clearly that it is the matter of the management how to arrange funds for the legitimate rights of the employees who  are not responsible for today's financial condition of the company, but it is  Govt and management who are responsible for it. It has also been conveyed to him clearly that by ignoring human resource of the company, no efforts can revive and survive the company.

He informed that Delloitte consultant has been hired to prepare the revival plan of the company. We have asked Dir (HR) to get company's future liabilities like 78.2% fitment and pay revision in this revival plan so that correct picture of can be projected before the govt.

Issues like parity of pay with BSNL in 2017, and freezing financial upgradation were also mentioned by Dir (HR). We have strongly opposed any such thinking of the management and warned stringent protest action to stop such ill motives of the management.

Make Full preparations to make Forum protest action a grand success to protect the company and welfare issues of the employees. We have achieved every thing in this department/ Company through our hard work and consistent struggle. Rise to the occasion to  protect our rights and achieve our legitimate demands. 

Make proper co ordination with Non Executives and stand strong for our cause.


NCOA Leaders with 3rd PRC Chairman and Members


NCOA presentation before 3rd PRC:

NCOA representing more than 1.6 lakh Executives of 264 CPSUs gave a detailed presentation before the 3rd Pay Revision Committee. On 03.08.2016 discussions held in the Committee room for about 01 hr 15 mts with Chairman  Justice Satish Chandra (Retd) and Members Sri Shailendra Pal Singh and Sri Madhukar Gupta,  Add Sec/DPE ,after detailed discussion, Chairman directed us to give a detailed presentation on all the issues before the full 3rd Pay Revision Committee on 04.08.2016 at 3 pm.

On 04.08.2016, NCOA had given an excellent presentation on various demands. As suggested by the PRC members, the presentation was made with full justification of the demands with possible solutions also. Eventhough the allotted time was only 20 minutes, the presentation and discussion took more than one hour. In addition to Chairman and all PRC members Shri Jugal Mohapatra, Prof Manoj Panda, Sri Shailendra Pal Singh and Sri Madhukar Gupta, Sec/DPE and officers from SCOPE also present in the meeting. All the issues discussed in detail. Chairman and PRC members had lot of queries and NCOA could clarify all the points to their satisfaction.

These are the some important issues deliberated in the meeting with PRC: Total presentation of 35 slides was made

1) PRC should be implemented for all the CPSUs without linking with affordability. Our main focus was on this important aspect. Employees having limited role in loss /profit of the company. They are depending on Govt/company policies, market conditions and other external factors. Balance sheet is prepared on the basis of several factors like depreciation. We explained with the example of BSNL where the operational profit is about 2000 Cr but due to huge depreciation value, balance sheet still shows losses. The Operating profit concept very much appreciated by the PRC. We could convince PRC that profit/loss alone cannot be the criteria for revision of Pay.

 Periodicity. It should be 5 years, co-terminus with Non executives.

  Pay Scales: New pay scales may be arrived with IDA as on Jan 2017 merged with basic Pay with fitment of 30% on basic Pay plus DA and rounded off to nearest 100. All pay scales should be open ended to address stagnation as recommended by 2nd PRC and 7th CPC.

  Fitment: Uniform fitment of 30%.

  Dearness Allowance: Present System of 100% neutralisation on quarterly basis, based on AICPI shall be followed.

  Annual increment shall be 4%. A uniform date of increment may be followed for all employees in the CPSU. Notional Increment on promotion shall be awarded and fixed in the next higher stage.

  House Rent Allowance: The present Rate of HRA shall be continued

  HRA shall be calculated based on Pay (Basic Pay plus DA) so that it is indexed

 Perks and Allowances shall be calculated based on emoluments(Basic pay plus DA). Present system of Cafeteria approach shall continue. The Ceiling on Perks and Allowances may be fixed as 50% of Pay (Basic plus DA). Bell Curve should be abolished as it is unscientific. Accenture, KPMG, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, CISCO, Microsoft, HCL Technologies, Google, Adobe have abandoned the bell curve based system, performance appraisal. All of them are switching to a continuous feedback process throughout the year to get a holistic view of performance and potential.

    Child care leave to be made mandatory for all CPSUs.

   Performance Related Payment (PRP) with an objective PMS. It should have two parts, Productivity linked PRP and Profit linked PRP.

Even for sick/loss making CPSUs except allowances all The Minimum Salary shall including Basic Pay plus IDA, HRA, Medical facility and Company contribution towards terminal benefits.

2) Superannuation benefit with fixed components PF, Gratuity, Employee Pension Scheme and Medical Benefits for Retired Employees. Our main focus was to make it mandatory like pay scale revision. CPSUs should not be given flexibility on deciding the quantum of contribution.

3) Automatic pension revision for the BSNL/MTNL pensioners absorbed from DoT as per CCS pension Rules 1972. Since the pension is paid on IDA scales, it should be covered by PRC as requested by DoT.

It was an excellent opportunity for NCOA as we could interact with the PRC for 02 Hrs 25 minutes in two days covering all the main issues. Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com V K Tomar, President NCOA GS, MEA, Com KSN Raju, Com K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com Vidyasagar/BHEL, Com Lakhsmi Narayan/BEL and office bearers from other CPSUs participated
On 3-08-16 in the meeting with Chairman and other PRC member, when GS MEA/ President NCOA Sh V K Tomar introduced himself as General Secretary MTNL & President NCOA, Chairman PRC,Justice Satish Chandra started discussion on MTNL before starting meeting and shared his bad experience about poor services of MTNL, GS MEA got an opportunity to explain the total condition of MTNL before Chairman, Addl Secretary DOT and other members and explained how govt policies have ruined the MTNL. GS also explained the steps being taken to improve the quality of service of MTNL and assured to get things improved as suggested by him. GS could convince him that today's condition of MTNL is not because of employees but is because of Govt policies and also that MTNL services are not as poor as perception is being created. 



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