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Sh. Manish Kumar

In a very unfortunate and painful incidence we have lost our  young and dynamic Executive, while he was on duty. Sh. Manish Kumar,  Asstt. Manager (North) was a brilliant and hard-working Officer who made cable-theft alarms cct. & EMS app for fault detection in his short tenure in GM (N) area.

May his soul rest in peace. May Almighty give strength to his family to bear the irreparable loss.  

14-04-18 BCP Area MEA GB Meeting--Area GB meeting of MEA  held at BCP on 13-04-18 which was presided over by Shri Om Prakash , DGM. almost all the officers of BCP area attended the meeting, which was addressed by GS Shri V K Tomar, CS Shri Sunil Kumar, ACT CHQ Shri Arun Dixit & AS BCP Shri J S Yadav. GS elaborately explained the whole achievement of the  Forum struggle and thanked the members for their full support and cooperation. Stress was given on MTNL revival and survival. GS assured that all out efforts will be made to see the MTNL revival and implementation of agreed points. He asked officers to be prepared for further struggle for MTNL revival and other issues.

some members raised the issue of 30% corpus for post retirement benefits and training increment to  MTNL recruited officers. GS explained that how in spite of  long persuasion and strong presentation with Secretary, DOT in the recent meeting these issues are still unresolved. He assured that shortly these issues will be taken up with the Minister of communication, Secretary, DOT and CMD MTNL. He informed that during the meeting with Secretary DOT, these issues were noted down by Secretary and Joint Secretary after strong arguments by GS, MEA. Secretary response was positive.

All the members were happy with development and gave warm welcome to the CHQ/Circle office bearers.

GS asked the members to give their suggestions regarding MTNL revival;


11-04-18-- East Area Joint meeting was held at Minto road building, which was attended by about 800 employees and officers. Meeting was addressed by GS, MEA Shri V K Tomar, GS, MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh, CS Delhi MEA Shri Sunil Kumar and other office bearers. All the speakers thanked and congratulated the employees and officers for  their massive support and participations in all the agitation programmes of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations which yield the result in the form of 73.8% fitment, recommendation of 3rd PRC by MTNL, effective measures for MTNL revival, recommendation for pension revision, recommendation of counting of casual service for pension, held in abeyance of the orders of 25% cut of sanctioned posts of all cadres. All the office bearers and members were happy over this achievement and greeted the representatives by clippings and flower bouqates.

Every one stressed that it is the big achievement of today's time but it is not the end of the struggle, we will have to be prepared for further struggle to ensure the implementation of all agreed points and other issues which are still unresolved after long persuasion and fight.  It is continuous process in trade Union to fight for our legitimate rights. 

It was stressed that now we have to make all out efforts to improve the services and revenues of the company to get it revived. Association and union will see that policies and decisions of MTNL management / Govt are taken in the direction to revive MTNL. Now on ward our struggle will be for MTNL revival and left out issues.

12-04-18--Joint meeting  of two divisions  of Rajouri garden Area was held at Dwarka which was attended by about 500 employees and officers. Meeting was addressed by Shri V K Tomar , GS, MEA, Shri Dharamraj Singh, GS, MTNL MS, Shri Mahavir Singh, President, MTNL MS,  Shri Ratnesh Kumar, President ITEF,Shri Sanjay Kumar, AGS, MEA, Shri Sunil Kumar, CS MEA. All the development were explained in detail and thanks and Congratulations were given to all. employees/officers were happy with the achievement.  Stressed was given on revival of MTNL. Leaders strongly conveyed that no stone will be left unturned to see the revival of MTNL and get all the benefits which are due for employees but denied on the pretext of financial condition of the company.


11-04-18 ED Delhi office issued transfer and posting order of GMs . <<order>>
10-04-18 NCOA/ AIPCOC National Executive Council held at Vishakhapatnam--

National Executive Council Meeting of NCOA and AIPCOC held on 7th and 8th April 2018 at Vishakhapatnam in which after two days discussion following resolutions and decisions were taken.


1. Govt has accrued about 3lakh crores through disinvestment of PSUs, so this amount should be utilized for revival of sick PSUs and to pay arrears of employees

2. Govt has notified that no govt employee/union can criticize or raise voice against govt policies, this decision is to be challenged in ILO

3. NCOA should apply for affiliation with ILO

4. Employees of those PSUs which have been closed or privatized should be absorbed in other PSUs.

                            Protest action programmes             


1---No Privatization/ disinvestment of PSUs

2-- No affordability condition for implementing 3rd PRC in all CPSEs

3--Parity with Central Govt employees in taxation

4--Uniform pension to all


1--Dharna on 14th May 2018 at all states head quarters

2--Rally to Prime Minister house on 15th June 2018

All are requested to make extensive preparations to make these programmes a grand success.

GS, MEA, Sh V K Tomar is the Secretary General  of NCOA & National President of AIPCOC. CHQ President, Shri P N Vasane is President of NCOA Maharashtra Zone, CS Mumbai Shri G P Yadav is Jt Secretary NCOA Maharashtra  Zone & CS Delhi Shri Sunil Kumar is Zonal Secretary of Central Zone of NCOA.

Vishakhapatnam NEC was attended by Shri V K Tomar & Shri Sunil Kumar

04-04-18 GS writes to Dir (HR) regarding including all the vacancies till 31 March 2018 for DPC for regular promotion to Sr.Manager (T)/DE.............. <letter>

GS writes to CMD (MTNL) for filling all DGM (T) posts on regular basis through DPC immediately. ......................<letter>

03-04-18 Delhi Circle CEC Meeting---CEC was held on 02-03-18 at BSNL recreation club, Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath, which was attended by large number of office bearers and presided over by Shri S R Singh. Circle secretary and General Secretary apprised the house about agreement made with management on the issues raised by Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations of Delhi and Mumbai and also the Joint Forum of Retired Employees and Officers. CS & GS congratulated and thanked rank and file through the CEC for achieving lot of things through historical struggle of todays time.

GS elaborately explained how things could be achieved after long struggle and series of meetings and persuasion with Hon'ble MOC, Secretary, DOT and  CMD/ Dir (HR) MTNL. He explained that it is a historical achievement where we have made management and DOT agreed to settle many thing through this struggle with out any negative impact on the services of MTNL, which we never wanted for the revival and survival of the MTNL.

  1. We achieved fitment benefit of 2nd PRC with 73.8 % instead of 68.8 %, which is great achievement. All employees will get substantial hike in their salary and benefit in 3rd PRC and payment of pension.
  2. 3rd PRC recommendation by MTNL management. This is such an important issue which we dont want to loose at any cost, because as per DPE OM, MTNL is not qualified to implement 3rd PRC, but we are not responsible for today's condition of MTNL, that is why we are ready to fight with any authority in govt to ensure 3rd PRC implementation in MTNL. We are thankful that after our struggle, MTNL management has agreed to recommend to DOT to implement 3rd PRC after getting relaxation in affordability clause from cabinet and DOT also agreed to process the case for cabinet approval. We will fight upto last to ensure that all approvals are given by concerned authorities   
  3. Through our meetings with Minister,Secretary & CMD, we prepared ground for MTNL revival, which is most important issue for all of us. We are committed to fight to any extent to ensure revival of MTNL. Action in this direction will be visible shortly in the days to come
  4. Recommendation of MTNL management for pension revision as par 7th CPC, which is also very important issue to ensure pension revision.
  5. Stopping 25% cut in sanctioned posts of officers and employees--This cut was going to  badly affect the already worst promotion avenues of the officers. But now all DPCs will be conducted shortly without making any cut on sanctioned posts. Not only this, we have made CMD agreed to discuss to further improve the promotion prospects of the officers,
  6. 30% Corpus for post retirement benefits to the company recruited officers/employees and training increment issues were strongly raised by GS in the meeting with Secretary DOT, who noted these issues and said that there will be no discrimination in MTNL and BSNL, So know we have got DOT principally agreed to settle these issues at par with BSNL. Shortly these issues will be written and discussed with Secretary DOT and CMD MTNL.   
  7. After detailed discussion with CMD, he agreed to process the case of term insurance for the officers and employees who wants to get term insurence

Dear Friends it is the best result of  our present struggle.  It is the continuous process in the trade unions to fight and achieve and go ahead and than fight and achieve. Lot has been achieved and lot is still to be achieved. But now onward, we have to fight and work for MTNL revival. Don't be misguided by any force, but concentrate on improving the services of MTNL. We will shortly move to the areas to know the problems and suggestions and than Joint meetings with the MTNL Management and DOT to ensure MTNL revival.

Once again thanks and congratulations to one and all for this achievement.  We also thank to Hon'ble Minister of Communication, Shri Manoj Sinha, Secretary, DOT Smt Arunasunderajan & CMD, MTNL Shri P K Purwar, Dir (HR) Shri Sunil Kumar for agreeing many things and starting immediate action on the agreed points. Hope Board meeting will be held in second week of April and all agreed points will be approved in board meeting

02-04-18 As a Follow-up of Agreement .. MTNL management withdraws 25% freezing of the sanctioned posts letter.  Please click the link for viewing the letter ... <letter>
28-03-18 Congratulations ! Agreement reached on strike notice of Forum of MTNL Unions & Association of working and retired employees and Officers of Delhi & Mumbai.

After series of meetings with Hon'ble Minister  Communication, Secretary Telecom and MTNL management in last few days on the demands raised by Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations through its strike notice, Today, a meeting was held with MTNL management and Unions and Associations representatives to deliberate on the issues and reach on a agreement. After lot of  exercise, a agreement was signed in JNC on all the issues. CMD appealed to withdraw the protest action on the basis of the agreement. Forum withdrew protest action.  From MEA side President P N  Vasane, GS Sh V. K Tomar, AGS Sh D P S Chaudhary, CS Delhi Sh Sunil Kumar and CS Mumbai Sh G P Yadav attended the meeting.

Salient points of agreement--

  1. IDA neutralization shall be done @ 73.8% of basic pay instead of existing 68.8%, the increase of 5% from 01-01-2007 on notional basis and actual payment w.e.f. 01-01-2018.
  2. Counting of service of casual labour for pension-- Matter will be taken up with DOT again.
  3. Implementation of 3rd PRC-- Matter will be submitted to the board of MTNL to consider for recommendation to DOT for implementation of  3rd PRC in MTNL.
  4. Revision of pension as per 7th CPC-- MTNL will forward this case to Govt with the request that the demand may be consider favorably on priority.
  5. Freezing of 25% post in all cadres--Management agreed to keep the order held in abeyance.
  6. Revival of MTNL-- Management briefed all the steps regarding revival of MTNL.

  <<photos of meeting>>              <<<appeal & agreement>>

We Congratulates and Thanks one and all who actively participated in all our agitational programmes given by FORUM. It is the great achievement by FORUM at this situation.

 CEC of MEA Delhi Circle

 will be held on 02/04/2018 Monday at 2 pm in 555 Kidwai Bhawam. All CHQ/circle Office Bearers ,Area secretaries, Divisional secretaries and CEC members are requested to attend the CEC well in time. All area secy and div secy are also requested to deposit the monthly subscription for June to December 2017 on or before CEC.  

27-03-18 Regarding Agitation programmes and Subsequent Developments

In reference to the STRIKE NOTICE of dated 08.03.2018 given to the Secretary(T) DoT and CMD MTNL at the platform of forum of MTNL Delhi & Mumbai and joint Forum of MTNL retirees, series of meetings were held at the level of MOC & IT, Secretary(T) DoT, CMD MTNL and Director(HR) to resolve the issues. A meeting of representatives of forum of MTNL Delhi & Mumbai and joint forum of MTNL retirees was held on 26-03-2018. The representatives elaborately discussed on the negotiations held with the management in the meeting.
Final decision on our demands will be taken tomorrow in the meeting with MTNL management and accordingly we will decide on our agitation programmes.

24-03-18 Forum of MTNL Associations and Unions give intimation to Secy DOT regarding change of the date of rally from K L Bhawan to PMO from 28/03/2018 to 04/04/2018.  <<letter>>
24-03-18 CMD MTNL made an appeal to GS MEA to withdraw the proposed strike notice on dated 08/03/2018. <<appeal>>
23-03-18 Meeting of Unions & Associations with Secretary, DOT--

Meeting of Unions and Associations of MTNL Delhi and Mumbai along with Shri Arvind Sawant , Hon'ble MP, Loksabha & President Kamgar Sangh was held with Secretary DOT, Member (Fin), Joint secretary (Adm) and other senior officers of DOT in Sanchar Bhawan today . All the issues of MTNL including revival of MTNL/ merger of MTNL and BSNL, 78.2% fitment, counting of casual service for pension, pension revision and other issues of employees/ officers like training increment, 30% corpus etc were raised by Shri Arvind Sawant ji, Shri Dharamraj Singh, GS, MTNL MS & Shri V K Tomar, GS, MEA. Secretary listened all the issues patiently and replied that Hon’ble Minister has instructed that there should not be any discrimination in MTNL and BSNL, and said that she has noted all the issues raised in the meeting, which will be discussed with Hon’ble MOC and she will come back shortly with the decisions on the Issues raised by Unions and Associations. She was very positive in the discussion. From Unions and Associations side meeting was attended by Shri Arvind Sawant ji, Shri Dharamraj Singh, GS, MTNL MS, Shri Mahavir Singh, President, MTNL MS, Shri Ratnesh Kumar , President ITEF, Shri V K Tomar, GS, MEA, Shri Sunil Kumar, CS, Delhi , MEA, Shri Raghvan, GS, MTNL OA, Mumbai, Shri Surya Kant Mudras, MTNL OA & Shri S S Nanda, GS RTOWA.

22-03-18 On 22nd March , meeting with the Honorable MoC Shri Manoj Sinha was held in Sanchar Bhavan New Delhi along with MP Shri Arvind Sawant and the office bearers of MTN KS, MOA, BMS and MEA. It was briefed to Honorable MoC about the present scenario of MTNL and the ensuing Trade union action.After listening, Honorable MoC asked his PS to convene an immediate meeting on 23rd March at 1430 Hrs along with Secretary DOT and representatives of unions and associations to deliberate on the issues.


21-03-18 Unions and Associations representatives along with Shri Arvind Sawant , MP met Hon,ble Minister of HI&PE and discussed the MTNL issues and also the affordability condition for PRC. Minister responded positively.

21-03-18 NEC ( National Executive Committee) meeting of NCOA will be held on 7th April 2018 at Vishakhapatnam. AIPCOC ( All India Public Sector and Central Govt Officers Confederation meeting on 8th April in Vishakhapatan will also be held.


  1. Strategic sale/disinvestment/revival and Survival of public sector
  2. parity with central govt employees in taxation
  3. 3rd PRC implimentation in all CPSes
  4. pension revision of EPF 95 scheme pensioners
  5. Public Campaign  in favor of Public Sector
  6. AIPCOC programme


21-03-18 Today's scheduled CEC meeting of MEA Delhi Circle has been deferred/postponed. Fresh date will be intimated shortly.
19-03-18 Transport Department ties up with government-run MTNL to provide 10 MBPS speed at its facilities; all services to be offered online, <<news>>
MoC  releases Strategic Plan for synergy amongst PSUs and Organizations of DoT.
click the link for attachment ... (link>
16-03-18 GS writes to CMD regarding apathetic approach of MTNL management towards pending HR issues of executives. <<letter>>
16-03-18 The department of telecom (DoT) wants BSNL and MTNL to join hands on not just ramping up the latter’s 3G network in the National Capital Region (NCR) to ramp up service experience for customers, but also wants both the operators to pitch together for enterprise customers on a pan-India basis, utilising each other’s networks across the country.  <<news>>


CEC meeting of MEA Delhi Circle will be held on 21/03/2018 at 02.00 PM in Room No 555, Kidwai Bhawan, Janpath. All the CHQ, Circle, Area and divisional office bearers are requested to attend the CEC meeting well in time.

एमटीएनएल ईए दिल्ली सर्किल की सीईसी बैठक 21/03/2018 को दोपहर 02.00 बजे कमरे नं 555, किडवाई भवन, जनपथ में आयोजित की जाएगी। सभी सीएचक्यू, सर्किल, क्षेत्र और विभागीय पदाधिकारी से अनुरोध है कि वे सीईसी बैठक में भाग लें।

14-03-18 The Standing Committee of Information Technology has asked government to allocate 4G spectrum to state-run telecom firm BSNL and MTNL at the earliest to help them compete and survive in the market. "The Committee is of the view that both BSNL and MTNL will lose the data market, if they are not given 4G services soon. To compete and survive in the telecom market, the Committee feels that 4G spectrum should be given to them at the earliest," the committee, chaired by BJP MP Anurag Singh Thakur, said in its report tabled in Parliament today.  <<news>>
13-03-18 Secretary General NCOA writes to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India against affordability condition to implementation 3rd PRC in CPSEs



Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations & Jt Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL retirees served strike Notice to Secretary DOT and CMD MTNL regarding pending issues.Annexure-B


1.      Merger of 50% IDA effectively amounting to78.2% w.e.f. 01-01-2007

2.      Revision of Perks and allowances freezed as on April 2008

3.      counting of Casual service for pension

4.      Revival / survival of MTNL

5.      Implementation of 3rd PRC

6.      Pension revision as per 7th CPC to MTNL combined service retirees




Mass rally from Khursheed Lal Bhawan to PMO to submit the memorandum to  Hon’ble Prime Minister of India 

28th March 2018, at lunch hour

Mass rally from Jija Mata Udyan Byculla  to Azad Maidan, Mumbai to submit the memorandum to  Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India through Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra 

28th March 2018, at lunch hour

Work According to Rule 

26th April 2018 to 28th April 2018

Indefinite strike

3rd May 2018 onward 

 Notice copy ..........  <Notice>

08-03-18 Minister of Communication reply in Parliament on the demand of Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations regarding 78.2% fitment.

<<<Minister reply>>

08-03-18 All officers who are facing problems in Indoor Medical Scheme/TPA and their cases are pending for payment are requested to send their case details to the Circle Secretaries or CHQ office bearers of Delhi & Mumbai so that cases can be taken up consolidated with the Corporate office.
08-03-18 Area GB meeting of BB--GB meeting was held on 06-03-18 in 555 room K B N which awas attended by good number of Officers of broad Band area. Meeting was Presided over by Com Vishbandhu and addressed by GS, Com V K Tomar, AGS, Com D P S Chaudhary, CS Com Sunil Kumar & As Com Vimal Sundriyal. GS briefed about the issues related to MTNL revival plan, 3rd PRC, 78.2% fitment , pension revision, promotions and other HR and welfare issues of the officers and appealed all members to be ready for decisive struggle for settlement of pending issues.
23-02-18 The government on Thursday unveiled a ‘strategic plan’ to enable seven state-owned companies under the Department of Telecom (DoT) to work closely with an aim of promoting greater operational synergy among them, including pooling in of resources and effective utilisation of human resources as well as land and buildings. <<<news>>
21-02-18 ED Delhi office issued order for DGM look after  of 25 executives in Telecom cadre. <<order>>
19-02-18 MTNL board in its meeting on 13th February 2018 took note of the DOT letter dated 08-02-2018 regarding extending benefit of merger of 50% DA effectively amounting to 78.2% fitment as on 01-01-2007 to MTNL employees and desired that DOT may be intimated that MTNL is not in a position to extend the benefit of 78.2% fitment to its employees from its own resources due to severe financial constraints.
19-02-18 MTNL board in its meeting on 13h February approved the proposal for restructuring the posts across all cadres by freezing 25% of the posts. Existing arrangement of adhoc promotion and look after arrangement will continue subject to the review  by managment from time to time in the intrest of service and administrative requirement. However regular promotion and any further adhoc or lookafter arrangement will be effected only on the basis of the posts arrived at after applying 25% freezing factor.

 By applying 25% freeze factor on sanctioned strength 2605 posts of Executives and 9585 posts of non-Executives will stand freezed. A GM level committee will be constituted for restructuring of the posts of all the cadres, which will submit report in three months. 

17-02-18 Joint Forum writes to CMD to implement 78.2% fitment as per DOT approval and affidavit filed in Mumbai High court. << letter>>
17-02-18 GS writes to CMD MTNL to implement 78.2% fitment as per DOT affidavit filed in Mumbai High court.   <<letter>>
17-02-18 We have come to know that MTNL board has approved the 25% seizure of sanctioned posts of all cadres and a committee has to be formed to review the sanctioned posts of all cadres.
13-02-18 DOT issued letter to MTNL regarding 78.2% IDA merger: MTNL has to pay the benefit of 78.2% IDA merger from its own resources. <<letter>>
13-02-18  The suit filed by MTNL management against all Unions and Associations in Mumbai  came up  for hearing in the Hon Bombay High Court on 12th february,18. The DOT has filled Affidavit stating that they have complied with order dated 7th of Nov of the Hon Bombay High Court and informed court that  DOT has written to MTNL that the proposal to extend benefit of merger of 50% IDA effectively amounting to 78.2% as on 01-01-2007 to MTNL employees may be processed in light of DPE OM No.2(70)/08-DPE(WC) dated 26.11.2008 and dated 02--04-2009 but MTNL has to bear the additional financial implication on account of 78.2% IDA implementation and no budgetary support shall be provided by DOT

After hearing both sides, court directed that if MTNL does not implement 78.2% fitment, Union and Associations can resort to trade union action after serving 14 days notice. 

<<court order>>      

After effective struggle of Joint Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations of Delhi & Mumbai, MTNL management had to approve the  78.2% fitment in board meeting, and now because of effective fight by our Association in court, DOt has given its consent for implementation of 78.2%  as per DPE OM. Now after DOT consent, management has no reason not  to implement DPE orders in respect of 78.2% fitment. 


09-02-18 Meeting with CMD--GS Sh V K Tomar along with AGS Sh D P S Chaudhary & CS Shri Sunil Kumar met CMD today and had discussion on MTNL/ BSNL merger and MTNL revival. CMD also informed that DOT is not in favor of MTNL and BSNL merger. but CMD was still of the opinion that merger is the best solution which should be pursued by Associations/ Unions in DOT. He shared the discussion and minutes of DOT meeting on the MTNL and BSNL merger/ MTNL Revival. He elaborately explained  the issues on which DOT is agreeing with MTNL. Making MTNL debt free 2--Alloting 4G spectrum to MTNL without cost by increasing Govt equity in MTNL. he informed that Addl Secretary is pressing for reducing retirement age from 60 to 58 to reduce staff cost.

A detailed discussion was held on all options.

Freezing 25% sanctioned posts in all cadres--Association has registered its strong protest on the move of MTNL management to cut or freeze 25% posts in all cadres.  Association explained how this move will be counter productive and bring lot of frustration and demoralization amongst officers and affect MTNL working adversely. Association has categorically informed CMD that if this decision is taken by MTNL management, than there will be industrial unrest.

Be ready for struggle for settlement of pending issues and to stop negative move of MTNL.     

09-02-18 Meeting with Director (HR)---GS Shri V K Tomar along with AGS Shri D P S Chaudhary & CS Shri Sunil Kumar met Director (HR) today and discussed  the issue of merger/ revival of MTNL. He informed that DOT has not agreed on the proposal of MTNL and BSNL merger, but is agreeing on some other steps for MTNL revival 1- Transfer of MTNL loan with some assets to DOT to make MTNL debt free  2--Allotment of 4G spectrum to MTNL without payment by increasing Govt equity in MTNL 3--Reduction of staff cost. a detailed discussion was held on these options.

25% Post cut/ freeze in sanctioned Posts of all cadres--Association strongly opposed this move of MTNL management which is anti staff and counter productive for  smooth functioning of the company. GS explained how it will affect the promotion prospects of the officers and will further increase the frustration and demoralization amongst the officers and adversely affect the field working.

09-02-18 GS writes to CMD against the management decision of uniform freeze/ cut of 25% sanctioned posts of all cadres. Management is taking up the case in ensuing board meeting on 13th February to freeze/ cut  25% sanctioned posts of all cadres. It will further reduce the promotion prospects of the officers. Even on going DPCs will be affected.



07-02-18 Meeting with Director (Tech)-- GS along with AGS Shri Sanjai Kumar, CS Sh Sunil Kumar & CT Shri Satyavir singh met Dir (T) on 6th Feb and had discussion on MTNL revival and uniform cut on sanctioned posts of executives and non executives.

Regarding the proposal of MTNL/BSNL merger he informed that DOT is not positive on this issue, but the exercise of transferring the loan with assets to DOT is in process to make MTNL loan free company. He also informed that there is positive approach of DOT for giving 4G spectrum to MTNL in lieu of increased equity of Govt in MTNL. Many other things to make MTNL operational viable were discussed.

25% uniform cut in sanctioned posts of executives and non executives--

This issue was discussed in length in the light of poor promotional avenues of officers in MTNL. Association explained to him that how officers are very much demoralized and frustrated because of poor promotional avenues in MTNL. He was informed that  officers are stagnating in one cadre ranging from 10 years to 25 years, which is very demoralizing factor in the company amongst the officers which directly affects the performance of individual and company as a whole and the decision of uniform cut of 25% in sanctioned post will further increase the stagnation ,which create heart burning amongst the officers. Association registered its strong opposition on this issue and requested him to take comprehensive view keeping in view the facts given by the Association.    


07-02-18 Meeting with GM(HR)--GS along with AGS, Sh Sanjai Kumar & CS Delhi Sh Sunil Kumar met GM(HR) on 6th Feb,18 and discussed following issues.
  1. DPC for regular promotion from DM(T) to SM(T)--She informed that roaster of SC/ ST is being prepared for deciding the eligibility list for promotion and also management is waiting for the out of 14th Feb supreme court hearing regarding seniority case of SDE. Association has pleaded for early DPC.
  2. 25% uniform cut in sanctioned posts of all Executive and non executive cadres--  Association came to know that management is going to apply 25% uniform cut in sanctioned posts of all executives and non executive posts. This issue was discussed with GM(HR) and it was conveyed to her  that this type of decision will be proved counter productive because  it will not only demoralize the officers by increasing the already long stagnation in one cadre by reducing their promotion post, but also adversely affect the field work. Association has conveyed its strong opposition on this issue.
  3.    AM to DM regular promotion- She informed that process for filling  SCF anf LICE quota will be started shortly in all disciplines.
  4. Training increment--  GS asked her to process the case for board approval. she informed that this case was not put up in the board meeting because there were already so many agenda points in this board meeting. 


07-02-18 Meeting of MEA office bearers of Mumbai Circle with Director (HR)-- During the visit of Director (HR) to Mumbai our Mumbai circle Office bearers along with CHQ President Shri P N Vasane and Circle Secretary Shri G P yadav met Director (HR) and discussed following issue. ED (Mumbai ) and GM(A) mumbai were also present
  1. Waiver of multiple license fees for residential quarter allotment to next higher category to non substantive.
  2. Pending IPD medical cases
  3. STD facility on RSTC
  4. Store requirement for FTTH maitenance
  5. Promotion of 2008 JAO (Departmental and Direct recrutee)
  6. Director (HR) informed that MTNL is recruiting 200 direct TTAs. Process will be completed shortly
  7. MTNL/BSNL merger and other issues were also discussed.

Director (HR) was positive on all the issues and assured appropriate action on the issues


7-02-18 MTNL ED delhi office issues E6 to E7 time bound promotion orders for technical and accounts cadres. Click Here
06-02-18  Status of  Hon'ble Mumbai High Court hearing out come regarding 78.2% fitment

Today our case regarding 78.2% fitment payment was heard by Hon. Bombay High Court, our Counsel Mr.Vansh Bahadur Sabhajeet Yadav, pointed out to the Hon Court, paragraph-4 of the order dated 07/11/2017, passed by Hon.Mr.Justice R D Dhanuka,wherein the Govt.Of India,defendent no-5 has to inform the parties of their decision by15th Dec,2017,as directed by the hon.courtL which they failed to do,hence committed the breach of order dtd.07/11/2017, passed by Hon Bombay High Court.Today the Hon.court directed the Secretary, DoT to remain present on Monday,12/02/2018 at 1500Hrs in the Hon'ble.Bombay High Court. court also ordered to inform ASG in the matter.

31-01-18 On January 30, 2018, the joint general meeting of the MTNLEA and MTNL Mazdoor Sangh (Head Quarter Unit) was held in the ED office, Khurshed Lal Bhawan premises during the lunch hour. This general body meeting was addressed by speakers including GS MEA Shri VK Tomar, CS MEA Delhi Sunil Kumar, GS MTNL MS Shri Dharamraj Singh. Various issues like MTNL-BSNL merger, retirement age 58 years briefed by the speakers including other matters also.  <<photos>>
  Com V K Tomar, GS/MEA was elected Secretary General of NCOA unanimously on 20th January, 2018.
National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) national General Body meeting at New Delhi on 20.01.2018:
30-01-18 दिनांक 29 जनवरी 2018 को MEA & MTNL मजदूर संघ, महाप्रबंधक (CENTRAL, WS-HQ & WS-CC) सर्कल की सयुंक्त विशाल आम सभा दोपहर भोजनावकाश में दूरसंचार सदन,सी जी ओ काम्पलेक्स प्रांगण में आयोजित की गई। इस आम सभा को MTNL मजदूर संघ के महामंत्री श्री धर्मराज सिंह जी ,कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष श्री आर पी तिवारी जी के साथ MEA के महामंत्री श्री वी के तोमर जी,सर्कल मंत्री श्री सुनील कुमार जी सहित अन्य वक्ताओं द्वारा सम्बोधित किया गया। MTNL-BSNL मर्जर, सेवानिवर्ति आयु 58 साल करने सहित अन्य सभी ज्वलन् विषयों पर सपष्ट जानकारी कर्मचारियों के समक्ष रखी गई।  <<photo>>


Com V K Tomar, GS/MEA was elected Secretary General of NCOA unanimously on 20th January, 2018



National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) national General Body meeting at New Delhi on 20.01.2018:

The NCOA meeting held at MTNL Auditorium, Mahanagar Doorsanchar Sadan, CGO,New Delhi on 20.01.2018 in which all the affiliate Associations participated. The Conference was inaugurated by Shri P K Purwar, CMD/MTNL and addressed by Shri P K Purwar, Shri Sunil Kumar, DIR(HR)/MTNL, Com Baby Thomus, SG, NCOA, Com K Sebastin/GS SNEA, Com AA Khan/ President SNEA,, Com G L Jogi/Chairman,. Senior leaders Com Ashok Rao and Com K S N Raju also addressed the Conference.

In the Conference Com V K Tomar, GS/MTNL EA, Com Alok Roy, President/Oil India Officers Association and Com Mallesh from BEML are elected as Secretary General, President and Treasurer respectively. Com Arvind Pal Dahiya and Com Dilip Saha from SNEA elected as Deputy Secretary General and Vice President respectively.

Com P N Vasane, President, MEA, Com S S Sette , AGS, Com V K Gangwar,  CHQ Treasurer & Com Shailender Tripathi came from Mumbai to attend this Conference.

From Delhi l CHQ/ Circle Office bearers and some other members attended meeting.


Com Sunil Kumar, CS/ MEA Delhi anchored the programme.


photos will be uploaded shortly


Immediate priority of NCOA will be to fight to stop Privatization of Public Sector and implementation of  3rd PRC in all Public Sector Units irrespective of affordability condition.


24-01-18 Next date of hearing for 78.2 % IDA merger is 6th Feb 2018.
23-01-18 Out come of Mumbai High court case..
Today our Sl. No.-962, was called for hearing by the Hon.Bombay High Court of the MTNL matter regarding the issue of 78.2 IDA Merger raised by our association. Our counsel Mr. Vansh Yadav, argued that there are several judgments in this matter and order passed by the Bombay High Court in the matter and there is admitted liability of RS.1166 Cr . Today the counsel for Govt of India was absent. The matter was adjourned for next week. The court directed that the statement made earlier shall be continued. Next date may be known by evening today.

MTNL Baord has approved the proposal of MTNL-BSNL merger and the same has been sent to DoT.  It is learnt that there was a meeting in this regard in DoT today morning.



On 18th Jnuary 2018, a combined GBM of BMS & MTNL EA of Kidwai Bhawan was held during the lunch hour time.  GBM was addressed by GS MTNLEA Sh.V.K. Tomar, Circle Secry. MTNL EA Delhi Circle, BMS President Sh. Mahavir Singh, BMS Gen. Secy. Sh.Dharmraj Singh & other Office Bearers. The speakers detailed  the gathering about the developments related to  MTNL revival/ MTNL & BSNL merger, 3rd PRC implementation, implementation of 78.2% fitment etc.

Please click the following links for photos ....<<GBM>>



CEC Meeting of MEA DELHI Circle---CEC meeting was held on 17th January 2018 at Room No. 555, Kidwai Bhawan, ND. CEC was addressed by GS, Sh V K Tomar, CHQ Vice President Shri P.K. Gupta & CS Shri Sunil Kumar along with other key officer Bearers. GS elaborately explained all issues related to MTNL revival/ MTNL & BSNL merger, 3rd PRC implementation, implementation of 78.2% fitment, 30% corpus for post retirement benefits, counting of training period for the purpose of drawing increment, DPCs in different executive cadres, promotion policy in PSU hierarchy, terms insurance etc.  GS assured house that Association will resort all means including legal one to get all pending issues if management fails to settle the long pending legitimate issues which are being raised and pursued by the association for a quite long time. He said that no stone will be left unturned to get MTNL revived and settlement of pending issues.

 All Area Secretaries presented their area report. CEC also facilitated the retired comrades  ( please click the following link for photos .... <<CEC>>


17-01-18 GS writes to CMD: Views of MEA on MTNL & BSNL merger issue. We demand:
1. 78.2 % IDA before merger
2. Pay parity in 3rd PRC.
3.VRS option.
4. resolve all HR issues like, promotion, seniority lists, 30% corpus, training increment, etc before merger.


17-01-18 GS writes letter to CMD regarding extension of last date for applying CGHS reimbursement. << letter >>
17-01-18 MTNL CO oreder regarding deputation outside MTNL. <<oreder>>
11-01-18 Delhi Circle CEC meeting is scheduled to to held on 17th January,2018 at 555 Kidwai Bhawan, janpath at 2 PM. All CHQ/ Circle / Area office bearers/ Divisional Secretaries and CEC members have to attend the meeting. All are requested to attend the meeting well in time.
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09-01-18 Congratulations!

After our long persuasion MTNL CO issued transfer orders of the executives from Mumbai to Delhi on request. <<<request>>>    <<<liceorder>>>

08-01-18 MTNL CO issued order for filling e-APAR for executives E1 to E4 wef 01/01/18. <<<order>>>
04-01-2018 DPE has increased IDA by 2.6% w.e.f. 01/01/2018. <<letter>>
04-01-18 Meeting with MTNL management on MTNL revival----Today meeting was held in MTNL board room which was attended from management side by, CMD, Director (HR), Director (Tech), ED, Delhi, PGM(O), PGM(D), GM(HR), GM(A) Delhi, GM(New business), ED (Mumbai), GM(A) Mumbai and other senior officers of Mumbai were on video conferencing. from Association/ union side, MEA, MOA and both recognized Unions of Delhi & Mumbai participated in this meeting.  MEA was represented by GS, Shri V K Tomar, CHQ President, Shri P N Vasane, Circle Secretary Delhi, Shri Sunil Kumar, Circle Secretary, Mumbai Shri G P Yadav

CMD & Director (HR) briefed about the changing scenario in telecom industry and said that in this changing scenario, small telecom companies who are not offering pan India services are either closing or merging with big companies of pan India presence and in coming days only 3 or 4 companies are going to survive. So MTNL management is proposing merger of MTNL with BSNL for MTNL survival.

Management gave a power point presentation of the proposal of merger in which they have mentioned the history of MTNL and balance sheet of MTNL.  management was of the view that it is very difficult to survive MTNL being confined in two cities. keeping in view the opposition of BSNL for MTNL merger with  BSNL on the ground of loan liability and HR issues, MTNL management is trying to address these issues with following proposals. It was clarified by management that it purely a proposal of MTNL management for MTNL survival,  neither DOT/ BSNL or govt has asked for it

salient point of proposal are as under--

  1. Merger of MTNL with BSNL is not the proposal but necessity for both the companies
  2. Govt should take loan liability of 17000/- crore with the surplus land of MTNL worth about 20,000/ crore
  3. Pay parity of MTNL and BSNL employees with making higher pay of MTNL employees as personal pay to protect the pay of MTNL employees
  4. VRS on Gujrat model
  5. promotions and perks and allowances at par with BSNL
  6. optional voluntary retirement with increment of left out service upto maximum five increments.

Management has asked comments/ view points of Associations and Unions on this proposal. We will discuss amongst our self and respond on these issues.

more details will be shared shortly


03-01-2018                                 Meeting on MTNL revival

MTNL Corporate Office has invited G.S. MTNL EA ( alongwith one representative from Mumbai MTNL EA) and  G.S. MTNL Officers Association Mumbai for discussing issues related to MTNL revival options.  The said meeting is going to be held on dated 4 January 2018 in MTNL CO.

Please see the attached letter ....<letter>


03-01-18 A detailed discussion was held with CMD on 1st January regarding MTNL revival. He elaborately explained the whole proposal of MTNL revival which MTNL management has prepared and going to place it in its ensuing board meeting on 16th January,18. He said that Director (HR) will call Associations/ Unions shortly for formal discussion on the proposal of MTNL management and asked Association to give its view on the proposal. Sh V K Tomar, GS along with CHQ Vice President, Shri Pramil Gupta, AGSs Shri Dharampal Chaudhary & Shri Sanjai Kumar, CS, Shri Sunil Kumar, Circle Treasurer Shri Satyavir Singh, Asstt Treasurer Delhi Shri Vikrant Singh & Area Secretary (Trans) Shri Birjesh Sharma participated in this discussion.  
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